Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 9

Hui Wen was the first to be next to her “Sorry my child,I did not meant to hurt you in anyway” he said with sadness in his voice before he left her up gentle while the bandages turned more and more red. They reach the bed and a servant come running with new bandages, making the three men and the guard leave the room for her to have some privacy. Outside they started discuss their new knowledge and emperor Jiang Chen was the first to start “I thought it was your job to kill my brother so we would have peace in the country” he snapped at Hui Wen who was wise to return the words with kindness “I am sorry I have failed you my lord but I have search entire countries the past 20 years searching for him and beside he is the least of our concerns now” he replied. Jun Chen wanted to say something too but emperor Jiang Chen came first and snapped again “I know but still he killed my beautiful wife after you almost caught him doing the escape after my father’s death and now I don’t have the pleasure of killing myself” this time Hui Wen was less kind and snapped back “I know, but look at this” he pulled up and showed a scar from the fight he had gotten the day many years ago. “I know I failed you back then and I might have failed you again but I did my best my lord and more importantly you are my friend” He continued while a single tear ran down left his cheek. Emperor Jiang Chen closed his eyes for a moment and returned to his calmness before the discussion. “Sorry my friend, I just lost a good man today to my brother and I cannot do anything about it because his own kids killed him, so let focus on them” Hui Wen nodded but Jun Chen was exploding instead “Why were you lying to me, father?” He almost yelled of Jiang Chen who for a moment looked confused before his face change back and replied “Now is not the time to discuss that” he tried with a mix of firm and sweet voice but Jun Chen was almost red as blood and snapped back “I asked you, why father?” Jiang Chen stood for a moment before he took a deep breath and started “I…” he managed to say before he started crying and continued in the most soft voice all evening “I wanted you to protect you from the tragedy that hurt me so much, I am so sorry my child, please forgive me” Jun Chen looked at his father and the crying returned him to his calmness and tears started running down his cheeks too. “Sorry father, I could not handle it in my head” he said almost voiceless.

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