20.000 words, another chapter

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I know I gave you two parts today but when I was done the first part I had plans for other things but my fingers wanted to do more so I continued after a small break. Suddenly before I knew it I was done chapter 4, which you can find over on the book page as always. The next chapter will be named Escape so cannot wait sharing that with you too. My mind was a bit confused and a few things changed when writing chapter 4 so I might have to rewrite it later as some things does not fit totally with the book so far but still glad it is done. Of other news then I have also reach 20.000 words which I find amazing as while I was not sure if I had reach 10.000 words before I know I have never written anything past 20.000 words before so please enjoy and cannot wait to give you more.

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Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 11

“Get that bird” Jiang Chen said a bit gentle while not moving much and Hui Wen took a noodle from Ling Chang’s noodle soup and tried catch the pidgins interest and soon it jumped against him. It quickly caught and eat the noodle which quickly made it fall asleep there were still sleeping powder left in the soup. “What did that poor bird, do any one of you” Ling Chang yelled from the bed while Jiang Chen stood up from the floor and looked at Ling Chang before answer. “I know you are angry but would you mind stop yelling of us, as I have explained why we did it and that we are sorry about the way we did it” he tried to say with a calm voice and then he looked at Hui Wen who had figure out what was wrong and had already found the small note at the birds left foot. It was only one word but the eyes of Hui Wen told them everything they needed to know. “War” he said with a low voice and the others looked at him with seriously eyes, and as he caught them starring he became confused if they had heard him or not so he repeated himself “The note is saying war” and held his breath while Jiang Chen almost teared the note in pieces by reaching out after it and in the next, it felt like the time itself slowed down as soldier came running inside the room yelling loudly but no-one understood a single word from his month before the time became normal again. “We are under attack” he yelled again and this time the emperor reacted and yelled to the guards in the room “Don’t stand there, go defend the palace” and they ran out following the soldier. Ling Chang watched some lights from outside the window and was suddenly getting flashbacks from the escape from the hill to her home not long ago and every bone and muscle in her body froze. “Get her out of here” Jiang Chen yelled and Jun Chen took a firm grip in her and started pulling her out of the room while Hui Wen and Jiang Chen force their way between the soldiers running to their places. “Wake up, Ling” Jun Chen yelled while pulling her with him and when she finally woke up they were in the throne room, in the centre of the castle with the ministers yelled in fear of their lives. “I did not expect them to be able to control the army and attack us that fast” Jiang Chen said while looking like he had seen a ghost. Hui Wen just nodded and pulled his sword so he could defend them in case, it became necessary. Ling Chang suddenly felt a rage inside her just as the time in the forest where they had been attacked and Hui Wen had been captured. ”Give me, my sword” she yelled in a strange voice and Hui Wen looked confused at her but quickly threw her the sword before pulling a new one from his belt. Suddenly scream started to be heard and Ling Chang tried to attack but Jun Chen held her back and she almost tried to cut off his hand but returned to her normal self and dropped the sword. Jun Chen held her harder in her hand while he manage get the sword back, just as the first enemy soldier appeared in the room, making all the ministers yell louder and run around like headless chickens. The soldier did not managed to do any harm before he were cut down by Hui Wen but the blood flew and hit Ling Chang in the face which turned on her rage once more, just in time for the group of enemy soldiers. This time, her powers was too strong for Jun Chen to hold her back and soon she was fighting one soldier after another. “We have to get to the stables to escape” Jiang Chen managed to say while watching the blood off enemy soldiers giving the floor a darker colour. More and more soldiers appeared in the room and they started to attack the defenceless ministers while Hui Wen started to fight a way to the doors leading to the stables. “Follow me” he yelled and all but Ling Chang started running against the exit. “You too, Ling Chang” he yelled again but her rage against the enemies made her seemly deaf and she just kept fighting like it was some sort of game for her. Hui Wen thought for a moment before he pointed at the doors “Jun Chen, Jiang Chen… you have to escape now” Jiang Chen started to run across the room against the doors, Hui Wen had pointed out while Jun Chen watched Ling Chang fight soldier after soldier. “Come on” Hui Wen yelled loudly and Jun Chen looked at him before yelling back “I am not leaving her here, all alone” and before Hui Wen could do anything had Jun Chen pulled his own sword and joined the fight with Ling Chang. A group of soldiers appeared in the door opening to the stables and Hui Wen feared the worst but Jiang Chen nodded while smiling “The backup is here” and the men started to run inside the room before started fight the enemy soldiers that came from the other side of the room leaving no soldiers for Ling Chang and Jun Chen. “No… do not take them all” a dying voice from Ling Chang managed to say before she fainted once again. Jun Chen and Hui Wen ran fast over to her and started to transport her to the doors while the soldiers around them started fighting harder and better than before. “Don’t loose my sword or medallion” a drowsy Ling Chang said as the four of them exited the doors and were now in the halls on the way to the stables. “I will protect them with my life” Jun Chen replied her before taking them both and held her even more tightly. “Don’t worry you two, we will escape soon” Jiang Chen managed to say from behind them, just as a major explosion destroyed the hallway. In the next was Jun Chen busy trying to get remove wood and tiles from the hallway to save his father while Ling Chang was all blacked out and Hui Wen tried to pull both of them away from them screen. “We have to escape now” Hui Wen yelled but Jun Chen resistance grew tougher for every attempt he did and he knew what had to do. He slapped Jun Chen in the face so hard that he movement and resistance died so quickly that they almost landed on top of Ling Chang who was laying lifeless on the ground. “We cannot save him now, and you know you are the next in line so we have to escape now” Tears started to run down the cheeks of Jun Chen who knew what Hui Wen was saying was true but still it was hard for him to lose his father especially after the argument about his mother not long ago. “I cannot leave” he yelled loudly back at Hui Wen who prepared himself to slap again as he did not want to watch more time or energy on him resist. “I know, it is hard, child but believe me, your father did not want you to die for him like he just did for you” Hui Wen said while some soldiers could be heard screaming from inside the throne room. Some tiles started to move and Jun Chen almost race over to start removing them but just as he had managed to make a hole, a face appeared on the other side and it was not his father. The man yelled something he did not understand and Jun Chen knew that it was the good men who was coming but more likely the enemy so he ran back to Hui Wen and Ling Chang. “Sorry…” he managed to say before Hui Wen broke in “We don’t have time for this now… Help me carry her so we can escape and no more resistance” Jun Chen just nodded and started carrying as he were ordered to and soon they were at the stables. A lightning started to cross the sky, showing them the few horses left in the stables who had not ran away in the explosion. “Take care of her and protect her with the sword you are carrying while I prepare some horse” Hui Wen said before running over to the nearest horse and started to get it ready for the trip away. Jun Chan looked at the way they had arrived there while the rain started to fall drop by drop until a major thunder rolled loudly. A soldier appeared but Jun Chen managed to fight him off easily before he yelled to Hui Wen “They are started to arrive, hurry” he yelled as Hui Wen ran over to the second horse without replying. Jun Chen turned back around and this time, two soldiers appeared but luckily a good one appeared too and they managed to finished them but off when an arrow penetrated the chest of the good soldier. “They have bows” Jun Chen yelled just as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and almost attacked when he noticed it were Hui Wen on a horse. “Get on the horse boy” Hui Wen said and turned the horse around while Ling Chang started grasping a bit as the rain hit her face. “Faster boy” Hui Wen yelled as an arrow flew between the two horse and as soon as Jun Chen were up, they started to run away from the palace which now had flames here and there.

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 10

The servant left Ling Chang room and after the air cleared between the men they all entered the room again. The emperor took the word first “Sorry I force you to find out our enemies without giving you a chance to say yes or no” Ling Chang looked at him but did not say anything. He continued “Long ago,  I lost my wife to my brother because he killed her as he escaped this palace and since then I have searched for him as I feared what would happen once he returned” Ling Chang opened her mouth but did not say a word before closing it again. “Your father was the one saving me as you might know already” he continued and this time Ling Chang did not stay silent “That gives you no right to perform this, whatever you did against me was without asking” she yelled loudly and wind blew thought the window killing most of the lights except for strongest flames. “I understand your reaction but we had no time to spare, as we needed to know who we were up against.” He continued while trying to sound calm. Jun Chen broke in “We are all sorry about it” but his decision to join the talk backfired as Ling Chang yelled back “I thought you care about me and all you did was making me sleep with the help of my hunger and don’t get me started on you Hui Wen” as her eyes caught the movement of Hui Wen. Suddenly a white pidgin landed in the window and Ling Chang was about to yell of it to make it disappear when Jiang Chen almost fell over the bed in attempt too caught it. The pidgin jumped just as he was close to catch it and as he hit the ground with a little bang, it just landed on him and started acting like it was laughing off him.