Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 10

The servant left Ling Chang room and after the air cleared between the men they all entered the room again. The emperor took the word first “Sorry I force you to find out our enemies without giving you a chance to say yes or no” Ling Chang looked at him but did not say anything. He continued “Long ago,  I lost my wife to my brother because he killed her as he escaped this palace and since then I have searched for him as I feared what would happen once he returned” Ling Chang opened her mouth but did not say a word before closing it again. “Your father was the one saving me as you might know already” he continued and this time Ling Chang did not stay silent “That gives you no right to perform this, whatever you did against me was without asking” she yelled loudly and wind blew thought the window killing most of the lights except for strongest flames. “I understand your reaction but we had no time to spare, as we needed to know who we were up against.” He continued while trying to sound calm. Jun Chen broke in “We are all sorry about it” but his decision to join the talk backfired as Ling Chang yelled back “I thought you care about me and all you did was making me sleep with the help of my hunger and don’t get me started on you Hui Wen” as her eyes caught the movement of Hui Wen. Suddenly a white pidgin landed in the window and Ling Chang was about to yell of it to make it disappear when Jiang Chen almost fell over the bed in attempt too caught it. The pidgin jumped just as he was close to catch it and as he hit the ground with a little bang, it just landed on him and started acting like it was laughing off him. 

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