Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 1

Another arrow flew thought the air and hit the tree next to them. “Hurry now boy, or we will be death before we reach the forest” Hui Wen yelled loudly while ridding faster and protecting Jun Chen on the same time. Jun Chen looked back and watched as more and more people came running from the palace and he wondered what he could do about it but in the end there was not much else than to run right now if he wanted to rule it after his father. “Focus on the present and not the past” Hui Wen yelled from his position while another arrow made a close call. Luckily the bad weather made it hard to aim or they would have been in trouble long ago. “I know it is hard to leave it behind, but I promise you that we will return stronger than before and revenge your father” Hui Wen continued and this time Jun Chen started looking the right way and started ridding faster. The screams had started to become lower and less frequently but that did not mean much as the town was one big mess of fires and death people. A new wave of arrows flew around them and one made tear in Jun Chen left shoulder but he were to focused on getting away now that he did not notice it.