Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 2

In the meantime on the palace were Li Chen and Mei Chen walking around in the now messy throne room. Bodies was laying everywhere but they did not care much about it. “We did it, we managed to do what our weak father could do” Mei Chen said with joy in her voice while she stepped over another dead body on her way to the throne. “Yes, our beloved mother would have been proud, may her soul rest in peace” Li Chen replied as he reach the throne and held a hand out to Mei Chen who still had a hard time crossing the bodies. She took the hand and finally reach the throne “Too bad that the emperor didn’t survive” Mei Chen said a bit laughing but stopped instantly when a soldier appeared from the doors to the stables. “We have found a survivor between the mess out here, what do you want me to do with him, my lord?” The man said and Mei Chen quickly sent signals for killing the survivors and Li Chen just laughed and replied the soldier “Kill him, and if you find it more, kill them too” Mei Chen and Ling Chen looked at each and laughed together but a dry voice made the stop quickly “I am not sure that is a good idea” the man replied while coughing loudly. “Soldier bring me that man now” Li Chen almost trekked and the soldier who had already pulled his sword, put it back in place and pulled the man to the throne. “Who are you old foul?” Mei Chen said annoyed and the man just replied “Your brother know the answer or he would had killed me without thinking much” he replied coughing again and Mei Chen looked at her brother who quickly replied “it is the former emperor Jiang Chen, our fathers brother” Mei Chen looked at him and started laughing again. Jiang Chen finally reached the throne and spit against them who just continued laughing. “Soldier, hand me your sword” Li Chen suddenly serious again and reached out for it. He got it quickly and soldier took a few steeps away as he knew the story of the soldier who had been killed in the tent not long ago. Jiang Chen just closed his eyes and started laughing “learn to walk before you run, young ones”