Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 3

Li Chen stood for a moment, thinking what he meant and what he should do which made him more angry which made he without thinking raising the sword. “What do you mean by that, old foul” Li Chen suddenly yelled after some awkward moments. Jiang Chen stopped laughing and took a deep breath before he opened his eyes. In some quick movements he managed to get the sword and held it against Li Chen’s head but he didn’t strike as he felt a knife against his back. “Too slow, old man” Mei Chen said laughing, but Jiang Chen turned his face against her and said  “Are you sure about that?” Before cutting a small rift at Li Chen’s check and dropped the sword on the ground without the slightest care about what would happen next. “Don’t kill him, Mei Chen” yelled Li Chen while trying staying calm even that the cut had been painful. “As you wish my brother” Mei Chen said and slowly removed the knife which made Jiang Chen laugh again. “See, I told you that you were not ready for this” he said was trying contain his laughter. That was the drop that made Li Chen boil over and in the next he almost cut Mei Chen in the attempt of pulling out the knife of her hand and when he finally got it, held Jiang Chen in the hair and yell straight in the face. “Did you really think you could make me look like a foul in front of my sister without any consequences?” And without giving Jiang Chen any chance to speak for himself, he forced the knife into the left eye of Jiang Chen who screamed of pain but no one in the palace cared and as Jiang Chen’s voice died out a whispering form were heard. “I am not done with you yet, old foul” and then he did the same to the other eye, leaving Jiang Chen screaming loudly again. “Take this old foul away and give him some bandages so my brother can have some fun with him, once he returns.” Li Chen said laughing as Jiang Chen was pulled away with the guard. Li Chen looked at Mei Chen who also had started laughing. “Where were we?” Li Chen said and sat down in the throne while Mei Chen kissed him gentle.