Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 4

They didn’t have most time alone before another soldier came in yelling. “There people have escaped and one of them is the crown prince” Li Chen started laughing again “They will be back soon enough and if not we have his father, the former emperor… now get this hall cleaned so we can get me crowned the new emperor” the soldier nodded and ran out before quickly coming back with 20 other people who started removing dead bodies and other broken elements. Li Chen made a nodding sign to Mei Chen who quickly understood and they started walking out of the hall togethe leaving the throne behind.

Back outside in the rain had Hui Wen, Ling Chang and Jun Chen finally escaped the soldiers and arrows but they still had quite the trip left as there were going all the way to the harbor town Funanai and the wild escape had drained the horses energy. “Jun, lookout for a place for us to stay and rest the horses” Hui Wen before looking at Ling Chang who still were fast asleep but the wildness had made some of her bandages red again but it was less worse that before. His thoughts was broken by Jun Chen who suddenly yelled “There” and rightly so there were a small hut. It looked old and ruined so it were the perfect hiding place. Hui Wen nodded while he threw a sword to Jun Chen while signaling him to be quiet as they had to be sure it was as abandon as it seemed. Jun Chen caught the sword without a word but he face told the pain from the arrow wound had appeared. Hui Wen was the first to step off the horse and he looked around vectors signaling to Jun Chen to step down next to him too. Jun Chen pointed at Ling Chen who were still asleep and Hui Wen signaled that he would keep an eye on her while they searched the hut.