Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 5

They searched it and found it empty and not a single soul where near it either so they took Ling Chang and the horses inside to keep the all hidden. “I know many eatable foods so if you go find some wood, I will look for food while keeping a eye out for Ling Chen” Hui Wen said calm and excepted Jun Chen to do as told but Jun Chen was not used to keep do things so just replied “Can you not do both then I protect Ling Chang as have been trained by the finest swordsmen in the kingdom” Hui Wen looked at him and could already feel how annoying this would become but he had to protect Jun Chen or their escape would have been for nothing. Finally his mind managed to think of a reply “Ok, but you have to learn to live on your own some time and besides I don’t remember training you so you have not been trained by the best and if you really want too protect Ling Chang, do you mind look around in the house to check if there is something we can burn as most wood will be wet by now” Hui Wen said trying not to sound annoyed and the reply made Jun Chen smiled and nodded. “Keep your sword ready as we don’t know if the enemies are still looking after us” Hui Wen said in the door opening before leaving them and Jun Chen just nodded and took a firm grip on the sword. Soon Hui Wen stepped out in the rain again while Ling Chang and Jun Chen stayed at the house. Birds started to sing in the trees outside while the rain kept falling and as Hui Wen had told him to do, Jun Chen had started to look after something to burn and by pure luck the house were full of wood. He ran out in the rain and was about to yell after Jun Chen but his mind managed to stop him as it crossed his mind that it would be dangerous to yell when they were on the run and enemy soldiers could be around the nearby tree so he walked back inside without a single sound. Ling Chang was laying in the middle off the room and in the little light he could see that her bandages had turned red a few places so he decided to look around in the house for something to replace the bandages as he had been to focused on the wood the first trip around the house. He could not believe his luck when he found some old clothes which seem like it could still hold to being stretched so he started to walk back to Ling Chang while thinking about that it was quiet a gold mine they had found but suddenly he heard the door opening and he ran to it expecting Hui Wen’s return but no one was there. “It most had been the wind” he said to himself without much sound and started to walk back inside the room with Ling Chang. As he reach the door, he caught a stranger kneeling in front of Ling Chang and the little light in the room revealed that he were already holding Ling Chen’s sword. “Stop right there” Jun Chen yelled without the worrying about more people but the man did not even look at him and just picked up Ling Chang’s medallion and looked curious on it. “Put down the sword and medallion now… If you do it now, I let you go in peace” Jun Chen yelled harsh trying to scare the man. The man was still not interested in Jun Chen who started to walk closer and raise his own sword above his head, ready to strike. “Are you deaf?” He yelled and when the man still not recognition he started to swing the sword against the man when the strangest thing happened. His strength disappeared like morning dew for the sun and the stranger turned his head slowly against him. “Are you going to kill your helper?” The stranger said and Jun Chen felt himself answering but without opening his mouth a single time “I killed everyone who touch her without permission” and his free hand grasped around the  blade on his sword and started tried to force the sword down against the stranger but it did not move and blood started to appear. He also felt pain but he did not want to show the stranger so he just forced himself to become more and more angry. “Stop hurting yourself, just because I am here, I mean you no harm” the stranger said gentle and Jun Chen felt his hands relax but the sword keep starting in the air. The stranger returned to Ling Chang who still were fast as sleep before speaking again “Now excuse me while I help your friend here” and stared to remove the bandages one by one which to Jun Chen’s surprise were free of any injuries and just clean soft skin. “Who are you?” Jun Chen heard himself speak and the stranger just looked at him without answering before turning back at Ling Chang and removed the last bandages as he were done he stood up. “My job here is done, but before I go let me free you of this” the stranger said and held his hand against Jun Chen’s wounds from the sword and he watched them heal before closing his eyes. In the next he heard Hui Wen yell of him and at first he could not understand the words but they became clearer. “How can you sleep now?” He finally heard and the words made Jun Chen confused and when he opened his eyes, he were outside the house the rain with an angry Hui Wen in his face. “You are supposed to look for wood and protect Ling Chang” Hui Wen yelled, making Jun Chen fly up as he knew he had not been sleeping. “But… I…” Jun Chen tried to started the story but he did not get far before Ling Chang stood  completely naked in the door not wearing any bandages with her wounds all healed.

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