Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 6

“Cover yourself Ling Chang” Hui Wen said while forcing himself and Jun Chen to look the other way. Ling Chang was still confused but did as told and soon appeared back with her clothes on. “How long have I been out? And don’t lie to me, I can see my wounds have healed” Ling Chang said with a demanding voice and Hui Wen looked at Jun Chen who still have not been able to tell what have happen. “Some stranger suddenly appeared in the house and I tried to defend you but something stopped me from attacking, no matter how hard I tried but before I know it, the stranger healed you and I closed my eyes for one second before Hui Wen was yelling of me” Jun Chen finally managed to say while Hui Wen and Ling Chang looked at him with doubt but ended up believing him. “If you say so” Ling Chang said after being done thinking and Hui Wen nodded continued “Glad you are alright now Ling Chang, that makes the remaining trip more easy but enough about that for now… we need to get some dinner” The rain had also stopped so Ling Chang and Xiao Chang went inside the house and started bring out the dry wood from there while Hui Wen had started up the fruits and berries he had found in the forest.