Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 7

The fire started playing in the air while they started eating the food in silence and it was not like on the palace or back home but it were food and it tasted great. Ling Chang was the first to break the silence “I can see the emperor is not with us anymore, what happened while I was out?” She asked low which made Jun Chen stop eating and look into the flames while Hui Wen stopped eating too but replied with a sad voice “We don’t know if he is death or not but we know that the hall we escape though broke down by some explosion and left us no choice that to leave him” “He is alive, hurt by alive… I… I can feel it” Jun Chen broke in without looking away from the flames. Ling Chang felt the cold rush down her back and she knew she shouldn’t have asked about it but Hui Wen tried to cheer up both of them. “If he is alive, we will save him once we have the means to do so but first we have to get you trained in becoming a man and a woman” Jun Chen looked up from the flames like he wanted to relied but kept silent. Hui Wen used the chance to continue “The plan is to travel to Funanai as I have some good friends who will help us as long as they live” “If” broke Jun Chen in while retuning his watching of the fire. “Yes, we don’t know how much damage our enemies have done yet, but if they are captured or killed we will travel away from here until you are ready” Hui Wen continued

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