Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 8

“I never become as good as my father” Jun Chen said with a rough voice before turning angry and cotinued “Why did you not find my father’s brother before all of this happened” his eyes ran full of tears but the heat from the fire made it impossible for them to appear. “I searched for him in many countries and twice as many years, I know it is not much but I am sorry and if we get the signs that your father lives, I will turn every rock to get chance to save him as he was my best friend” Hui Wen said with a broken voice while Ling Chang were still eating. With a quick movement did Jun Chen stand up and started to walk against the door of the house “I am going to bed, wake me up when we are continuing or it is my turn to gaurd” he said without turning around while not sounding happy or sad. Ling Chang wanted to stand up and said something but a hand held her down, making her turn around to yell of Hui Wen but the hand was not his. She started to scream as she watched Jun Chang picked up two sword and threw one to Hui Wen who in some quick movements was standing next to him and ready to fight

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