Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 9

Jun Chen attacked the soldier holding Ling Chang down which had to release her to able to defend himself against the attack while Hui Wen started to fight some of the other soldiers who also started attacking them. Ling Chang ran inside the house to get to cover but an arrow flew thought her hair and brushed her left ear, making the rage from the other fights return and with a quick movement she grasped her sword and return to the fight heading directly an the shooter who did not have a chance of defending himself. “Ahhh” he screamed loudly and flew to the ground. Hui Wen killed the next one but he was a skilled fighter so the soldier did not even scream as he were cut down from the back. “Kill the horses, so they cannot escape” a soldier yelled before Jun Chen cut him down in one strike but it was too late, two other soldiers threw some of the fire at the house which quickly started burning fast, making it impossible to save the horses. Ling Chang started laughing in front of the fire which scared both friends and foes, making the two soldiers who started the fire attack her at one time but she just looked at them with diabolic eyes and cut them down with one swing. “Kill them all” Hui Wen yelled to Jun Chang who just nodded before continuing the fight. Suddenly an explosion came from the house and Ling Chang’s family medallion flew thought the air and hit Ling Chang in the back of the head with such force she fell to the ground and before she had a chance to get back up her rage disappear and some nearby soldiers took the chance to capture her and started to carry her away while the medallion and sword stayed behind. Jun Chen was the first to notice what had happen after the explosion and his loss of focus made the nearby soldier cut him just above the elbow on his sword using hand, making him drop it and the soldier tried to capture him too but Hui Wen was already at the screen and killed the soldier “Focus, you have much to learn about fighting but now I want you to rescue Ling Chang before they get too far away” a bit angry Hui Wen said before handing him the sword. Jun Chen did not need many seconds to rest or think before he ran after Ling Chang and cut down the two soldiers just as Hui Wen cut the last remaining soldier. Jun Chen and Ling Chang looked at the mess they had made before Hui Wen voice cut thought their vacant stare “Get the sword and medallion if you still want them, Ling Chang… we leave at once” The command awoke Ling Chang and she ran over to the medallion and took it around her neck before picking up the sword. “Lets go” she said but Hui Wen moved at finger up to his mouth sending the signal for them to be silence before pointing at the dead soldiers. Ling Chang knew he wanted silence but did not understand the last part before Jun Chen forced his sword down inside the back of death soldier. Hui Wen wanted them to be sure that they were not leaving anyone with knowledge about their trip. Ling Chang started to walk around looking at the death soldiers but each of them looked death to her until she reach the last one. The man was bleeding from the mouth giving him no chance of screaming but there was still a chance for him to survive so she raised her sword like she had seen Jun Chen do and started to press down against the soldier but froze right at the edge of his belly. “Do it” Hui Wen signalled her but tears started to appear in her eyes instead as she could not make herself do anything without her rage. Jun Chen walked up and soon he were was next to her before he made his hands cover her hands. Without a word he started to push down the sword and the soldier did a few movements before laying perfectly still and Jun Chen pulled the sword out of him again which made Ling Chang brake the silence “We are not the bad guys, why are we doing things like this if we are not the bad guys” she yelled and scared the birds nearby away. Jun Chen did not say a word but just walked away from her while Hui Wen walked closer to them and with a surprisingly calm voice replied “You are right, my child. We are not the bad guys but if a single one of those men have heard out talk about were we are going, we are going to be in big trouble and then it does not matter much if we somehow gets to Funanai alive” Ling Chang looked down but the soldiers death face made her try to look on the grass but the blood had already change its colour, making her feel nausea.

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