Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 10

Hui Wen looked at her a bit confused as this was the first time, she had not fainted before the fight was over  “What happened ton you?” He asked gentle and took her away from the death bodies while signalling to Jun Chen to finished the remaining soldiers to be sure they did not leave anyone alive. “What do you mean?” Jun Chen answered as they had escaped the area. Hui Wen looked at her with seriously eyes while trying to figure out if she were playing him or answering truthfully. “I mean, you are fighting and everything but now you cannot kill a soldier because you are worried if we are the bad guys” He answered gentle trying harder to figure out what happened. “I don’t remember killing anyone, but and don’t remember much from entering the house to some men tried to carry me away from the screen just before you told me to get the sword and medallion” she said while tears started to run down her checks and Hui Wen knew she was telling the truth. “Sorry, I just thought your father had trained you already” Hui Wen replied before removing the tears form her eyes. Jun Chen signalled him that he were done killing the soldier without breaking their talk and Hui Wen stood up before helping Ling Chang up too. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want but it might make it harder for me to help you revenge your family” Hui Wen said as they both stood up. “I know, but please try” Ling Chang said while almost starting crying again. Hui Wen thought for a moment before replying her “Maybe, first we need to get to Funanai or further if the town are destroyed and we cannot find my friends but you can show your strength by guiding us thought your former home Shinobe as we need to cross it to get to Funanai” Ling Chang looked at him with death serious eyes “Am I going home?” And  Hui Wen nodded slowly “Yes, for a moment you are but we cannot stay there very long as even if the town is more or less whole, too many people knows you but let us start the journey now before it gets too dark” Ling Chang did not know how to react so she just turned around and started walking against Shinobe, her home while she thought of the possibility of her seeing her parents death bodies. Jun Chen tried to take her hand to stop her but she just pulled it away and walked even faster which made Jun Chen and Hui Wen just walk behind her.