Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 11

It had turned evening when they finally reached Shinobe and not even the smoke in the horizon had made Ling Chang slow down if anything it had made her walk even faster. They reached the first burning house in the edge of Shinobe and only the sight of the dead people who were laying around it did Ling Chang finally stop. Tears started to run down her checks but before Jun Chen could reach her, she cleaned her eyes and focused on being strong so she started walking again. “Are you sure, she is alright?” Jun Chen asked Hui Wen who watched the lots of burning houses in the horizon. “I do not know, but we have to figure out what is happening to her and why she does not remember her battles, now hurry up and go after her and pray she don’t find any of her parents” Hui Wen said with slowly growing serious voice and Jun Chen was about to ask but Hui Wen stopped him “I said go” and Jun Chen turned around and started walking faster in attempt of capturing Ling Chang who already was almost out of sight. In the meantime had Ling Chang reach the centre of town and started to figure out what way would be the fastest way home as the normally way was blocked by a fallen house still full of flames. As she finally decide, a hand grab her hard and she were about to scream but kept it inside to show her strength, so in the next she turned around against the owner and pulled her sword only to stop it inches from Jun Chen who had finally had caught of with her. “Sorry” it flew out of Ling Chang while she quickly returned the sword to her place. Jun Chen took a deep breath as he knew he would have been death if she had completed the strike.

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