Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 12

“All my fault” Jun Chen said without revealing how worried he were for a moment as he noticed that Ling Chang was not listening anyway. “How does it feel to be back?” Jun Chen said trying to break down the silence from Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked at him but did not say a word but the speed, she had been walking with had turned into a more normal pace as they walked past a broken dragon sculpture. “Is that not your family symbol?” Jun Chen said when he noticed the similarities and Ling Chang stopped before replying with a rough voice. “Yes, it is… It is one of the six dragons from our religion if you don’t remember” Jun Chen thought for a moment as he was not used to faith and religion and before he could answer her, Ling Chang continued without sounding rough anymore “Sorry, trying to focus my strength here and about the dragons then the stories tells that there is six dragons, one for each element in the world” Jun Chen just became more and more confused so Ling Chang stopped and sat at the ruins of the sculpture. “My town was the green dragon Mu, grandmaster of the nature because your father trusted my father very much. You have the leader of the dragons, earth dragon Tu. I am sure you father have given you a medallion too” Jun Chen stopped looking confused and opened his shirt and took out the medallion and right as Ling Chang had said it were an earth dragon which was seen by it being yellowish while hers were greenish. “Were are the other medallions?” Jun Chen asked Ling Chang who smiled for the first time in a while and replied “I don’t really know as it were your father’s idea of given them.” Hui Wen arrived at the place and had heard their talk about dragons. “I know, were one more is” and pulled forward a bluish medallion “I am carrying the dragon of water, Shui because of my many travels over sea and away from here. I know I could have showed it to the guards back when we tried to enter Kuzuyama but the events that had already happen clouded my mind” Hui Wen looked down as he said the last part. There were a moment of silence before Ling Chang said something “It is alright Hui Wen, by the way do you know who owns the remain ones?” But Hui Wen just shocked his head. “No, I do not… Now let us find a place to stay for the night as it doesn’t seem like there are anyone here” Ling Chang stood up quickly “My home is very private but don’t know what happened to it, but follow me” Hui Wen just nodded as he were still standing and Jun Chen stood upas quickly he could too. “Maybe I should go find some food while you check out the house as the darkness is coming fast” Hui Wen said and pointed at the sunset which had been hard to notice by all the houses in flames. “Good idea, I go with Ling Chang to find the house in case there are any bad guys left” Jun Chen said and Hui Wen just nodded before they spilt up. “We cannot go the easiest way there as that burning house is covering the way” Ling Chang said gentle before started to walk down another road. “Unless something happened to this road, then it is the fastest now” Ling Chang continued while Jun Chen just followed her. “Can you tell me more about those dragons?” Jun Chen asked without sounding too stupid, making Ling Chang light up a bit and smiled again “Did you not learn anything about them at the palace?” Ling Chang replied with a happy voice. Jun Chen tried not to sound embarrassed about himself so he answered “No, I…” more he did not manage to say before Ling Chang trust into laughter before stopping just as quickly when she noticed that Jun Chen’s head were turning red from more than the flames around them. “Sorry, I am not used to people not knowing the stories about the dragons” Ling Chang quickly said before Jun Chen just smiled back at her “It is alright, I am the crown price of this country and I don’t even know most basic things… my father… is a way better leader than me” Jun Chen said while his smile turn into a sad face again. Ling Chang tried to find the words but they would not appear on her tongue. “Let us go back to the dragons” Ling Chang suddenly said trying to sound happy again even his face still did not seem like it. Ling Chang nodded and started “I told you there were six dragons and we know my family have the nature dragon, your family have the earth dragon and Hui Wen’s family has the dragon of water… that leaves out the fire dragon Huo who might be a red medallion, the metal dragon Jin who might be a silver medallion and last my not least the void dragon Oryu who might have a purple medallion.” Ling Chang held a break to give Jun Chen a change to catch up with all the information. “Did you get all that?” Ling Chang asks a bit existed to tell more and Jun Chen smiles before nodding “Before I continue, I have a question for you… are you sure not seen you father give away those medallions?” Ling Chang asked once more a bit eager. “No, nothing in mind my rings a bell about medallions in that colours, beside I think it was before my time if your father and Hui Wen have gotten one as I have not seen Hui Wen my entire life but my father knew him and trusted him so I will too” Jun Chen replied calmly. Ling Chang wanted to say something back but her mouth stopped moving when her eyes caught something black hanging from the gate opening to her house. There was no doubt, it were burned bodies and not just any bodies, it were her parents Xiao Chang and Lan Chang or rather what was left of them. Jun Chen tried to hold Ling Chang hand but it just slipped out and before he could do more she were already at the legs of her parents trying to get them down. Jun Chen started to walk over to and tried to speak but before the first word could leave his mouth Ling Chang turned around and looked directly at him with the eyes of rages. “You… YOU… YOU DID THIS” Ling Chang yelled louder for each word and before Jun Chen had the change to calm her down, she pulled out her sword and held it over a small fire. “Stop, you know I did not do it” Jun Chen started but Ling Chang did not seem like she care or even heard him so he pulled his own sword too and prepared himself for the coming fight. “Do not do this Ling Chang” he tried again and her eyes became normal for less than a second when her name were said but the rage came back almost double in strength. Jun Chen was about to try again but without warning Ling Chang attacked and all Jun Chen could do was blocking the attack as he knew he had to calm her down and not kill her. “Where were Hui Wen when you needed him” he thought to himself while blocking the one attack after another. “You will pay for this” Ling Chang yelled loudly while not stopping her attacks. Jun Chen blocked and blocked “Ling Chang, it is me, Jun Chen” he tried to yell back and again the name made her rage disappear but it was far from enough, he had to find a way to knock her out without harming her too much. Suddenly from down the road, he could see Hui Wen walking with some food and a horse. “Hui Wen, Help me” he managed to yell before Ling Chang attacked again and this time it were almost ending in catastrophe as Ling Chang had managed to force a sword behind his and almost hit him but another sword blocked the attack. It were Hui Wen who had heard his help called and thrown all the food in an afford to help. “What happened?” Hui Wen managed to say while moving the sword form Ling Chang a way from him and Jun Chen. “I do not know, we were talking happily about the dragons when she caught the eye of the burned bodies over there” Jun Chen rambled while the fight continued but it was a bit more easy now when it was two against one. “I think those bodies are her parents, young foul… Now focus” Hui Wen said and Jun Chen nodded and replied “Of course” without a single ramble. Hui Wen looked at him for a moment before turning back at Ling Chang who tried to attack them once more. “Now” Hui Wen yelled and charged back at Ling Chang’s attacks blocking her ever move, given Jun Chen a change to move behind her.  “I cannot hold her much longer” Hui Wen said and in the same were Jun Chen knocking Ling Chang down from behind, making her fall to the ground like a small doll. “Good” Hui Wen said while cleaning his sweating face. “Now cut those parents down and burry them in case Ling Chang wakes up again soon.” Hui Wen continued. Jun Chen wanted to say something but Hui Wen was not done. “I know it will reveal we have been here but I am more worried what she will do if she wakes up and they still hang there while we are asleep” Jun Chen stopped trying to say a word and did what Hui Wen had told him too. As he were done, Hui Wen had prepared some food for the two of them. “Eat, we cannot stay here much longer, we have to get to Funanai before drawn” Jun Chen wanted to say something but just eat like he were told and soon they were on the way with Ling Chang on the horse. 

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