Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 1

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the heat from the sun became too much for her and the first she noticed was that she were inside a house and there were no sight of either Hui Wen or Jun Chen. She decided to get out of the bed but an unknown voice appeared out of the blue “They are afraid of you, they are scared of you” and she decide to lay still in the bed while figuring out where her sword was. “You cannot hide for me as I am inside you… Some people say they have a guardian angel, most of them are lies but I am yours and you are mine” the voice continued “Who are you?” Ling Chang yelled loudly and the voice disappear just as Jun Chen came running inside the room with his sword pulled and ready to fight. “Who is who?” Jun Chen yelled but the room was empty except for him and Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked around but did not find the source of the voice so she decide to lie. “Sorry for scaring you, just an nightmare” Ling Chang said trying to sound calm and scared on the same time. Jun Chen lowed his sword and soon it was back in place. “What is the last you remember?” Jun Chen asked sounding very embarrassed about something. Ling Chang looked at him weird and started to play her hair when she felt the bandages, making her face turn sad. “I remember we were in my town and we talked about dragons before I found my parents but after that I don’t remember much” Ling Chang replied him with a voice of sorrow as she had an idea about what had happen. Jun Chen wanted to answer her but his tongue started twisting and no words came to him. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked while looking directly at Jun Chen who managed to get control of himself and reply “Yes” and the tone made Ling Chang knew instantly what had happen. “I attacked you and Hui Wen, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked trying to sound sad of the events even it were a bit hard when she did not remember doing it. Jun Chen did not answer but nodded before started to leave the room again. Ling Chang looked down in the bed as she was sad because of the bad things she had done. What was the point of helping people when the rage could also make her attack those she cared about Ling Chang thought to herself before her belly started to rumble. She wanted to yell to Jun Chen but he had already appeared in the door again with some bread and walked over to her. Ling Chang did not know what to say as she thought he had left the room because he were scared of her. “Here, thought you were hungry after sleeping the entire night with only breakfast yesterday” Jun Chen said with a calm voice and Ling Chang smiled a bit before she replied with a bit sad voice “Sorry for attacking you” Jun Chen looked at her bandages and replied “I am not sure what is wrong with you or how I can help but I will do anything I can and I am sure Hui Wen will too beside I am sorry for knocking you out” Ling Chang laughed a bit of his last part about knocking her out. “What about my parents?” Ling Chang managed to say while eating the bread. “We hurried them as we worried that you might rage if we didn’t do it” Jun Chen replied.