Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 2

Ling Chang tried to smiled as at least something godhead happened doing her rage. Ling Chang wanted to talk more but Jun Chen started to leave the room again. “I need to focus on my sword skills as Hui Wen have show me a few tricks while you have slept” he said gentle as he reached the door which made Ling Chang look at him with big eyes which made him continued “Right, you have been asleep for 3 days and we only used the night to travel here” Ling Chang was about to yell but decides that nothing good would come out of it so continued eating her bread while smiling again like nothing wrong had happened and Jun Chen left the room. Ling Chang eat the bread and was a bit thirsty but decide to stay in bed and think about what had happened as the past week have been far more interesting that any day of her remains life and then there was also the voice which had appeared before Jun Chen appeared. The thought of the voice made her entire body shake by shivers, making her look around for her clothes and got the eye of it and her sword at a chair in the other end of the room. She walked slowly over to it and got dressed quickly to make sure that no one watched her naked and afterwards she picked up her sword before heading out to Jun Chen who were still training

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