Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 3

The sun light made her squint her eyes for a few seconds before she were ready to start training. She looked at Jun Chen who had not notice her present and watched his movements before doing the best to copy them and the action caught the eye of Jun Chen who tried to stop himself from laughing but couldn’t. “Sorry, never seen a girl train before” he said with a big smile on his face and Ling Chang was about to get angry at him for laughing but he stopped and started to place his hands on her hands. “You have to do like this” he said very seriously and force her arms more straight and with more power than before. Ling Chang nodded and he returned to his training and they started to train almost in harmony while the sun continued to shin and birds started to sing too. Ling Chang felt like she were in heaven and away for the terrors on earth for a moment when something grasped her hand and pulled the sword away from her. She opened her eyes and looked directly into the eyes of scared and furious eyes of Hui Wen who had returned home from the town with food. “Jun Chen, how can you make yourself train with her after all the damage she almost did only three days ago.” Ling Chang wanted her sword back so she moved her hands out after her but Hui Wen moved in a mix of too fast and too slow for her as she did not get it but instead the blade cutting herself deeply in her hands. “Look what you made me do, get some bandages” Hui Wen yelled loudly again at Jun Chen who did not have a chance to defend himself for his actions. “It hurts” Ling Chang said while grinding teeth and she felt the rage trying to control her but she managed to force it to stay away. “Sorry, my child didn’t mean to hurt you. But after you attack on us the other day, I am not sure I want to have you trained.” The sentence made the rage come closer but she focused and kept it at bay. Jun Chen came back from the house with some bandages and started to cover Ling Chang’s hands, and it relieved the pain and the rage making her able to focus on speaking. “Jun Chen did nothing wrong, I started training after watching him so do not be mad at him” She almost yelled and scared the birds, making some flew away while others only stopped singing. Hui Wen tried to calm down even he were being yelled at and thought fore a moment. “You cannot train with your latest injury so while it heal I will think if I should train you or not, now lets us eat” Hui Wen said with the most calm voice he could at this moment.

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