Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 5

They eat dinner in silence and afterwards is Jun Chen continuing his training while Hui Wen watches, leaving Ling Chang bored and alone, making her miss her parents but also gives her an idea. The sun goes down and they all decide to call it a night so soon two of the three are heard snoring, all is asleep except for Ling Chang who has waited for the chance. She looks out the windows and sees that the full moon is lighting everything just as she planned so she slowly gets out of her bed and walks to her clothes before taking them slow to make at little noise as possible while listening to the snoring sounds coming from Jun Chen and Hui Wen rooms besides hers. As she is almost dressed a voice appears “Are you sure that is a good idea?” Making Ling Chang pull her sword with such power she almost ruins her bandages and the pain is also unbearable, but when she looked around there was no one there. She worried for a moment that Hui Wen would wake up but the snoring continued like not had happen and she decide that the voice was just in her mind and nothing real. She made her hand place her hair again and started to lower the sword when a hand grasped around her and forced it upwards against her face before stopping right in front of her noise. “Are you sure, you wanna play?” The voice appear again and Ling Chang was about to scream when she noticed that the face on the sword was hers but not hers on the same time as it had moved doing the speaking and she had not even opened her mouth. She looked at the hand which had forced the sword to her face and it were just her own hand. “Am I turning crazy after all the events?” Ling Chang asked herself with voice to determent if the voice she heard was her own or a stranger and she felt relieved for a moment when it was not her voice before the fear inside her grew big because who was it then. She wanted to think more but the sword started moving closer while the voice started to laugh loudly. “Help me” Ling Chang tried to scream but something like hands covered her mouth but before they could cover the mouth totally she managed to bite which made the laugher stop and the sword fall to the ground. Ling Chang managed to look around before Jun Chen and Hui Wen both came running inside her room, yelling loudly so no-one understood what they said making Ling Chang fall to the ground while tears started to fall down her checks and outside the once full moon was covered by clouds, that also started raining.

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