Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 6

Jun Chen was the first to calm down and lower his sword when he noticed Ling Chang just seating on the ground crying while covering her ears. He managed to calm down Hui Wen too and soon only the rain drops falling outside the house that were heard. Jun Chen removed Ling Chang’s hands from her ears and asked gentle “What happened?” And Ling Chang eyes light up with a confused look as she did not know if she wanted to tell them or not. She took a deep breath and cleaned her wet eyes before she with a firm voice said “This morning I heard a voice telling me that both of you were scared of me but I was not able to tell you, sorry… and just before you entered the room, the voice appeared again and this time I felt my mouth move but it was not me” She wanted to say more but Hui Wen, who had kneeled down, held a hand up to her mouth to quiet her down. “I am sorry, I should have known” Hui Wen said with a calm voice, making both Ling Chang and Jun Chen look at him with confused looks. Hui Wen looked down for a moment before meeting their graze and continued “When I lost my wife long ago, I experience the same as you Ling Chang and I went days going more and more crazy before Jiang Chen noticed that I did not do my job right and together we found out what was wrong.” Jun Chen was a bit proud of his father but the time and place made him just stay quiet. “I will take you to my friend, who is a mason to create a little statue that you can pray to every night and remember your parents by” Hui Wen ended and pulled forward a small sculpture of a woman who could only be his wife. Ling Chang wanted to say something but she kept the silence and before she knew it they were all back in their beds and she were looking out on the rain before her eyes close gentle.

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