Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 7

Ling Chang wakes up as the birds starts to sing out side and she already feels better from the night. She gets dressed and walks out of her room to enjoy the birds and the sun for a moment. She stands with closed eyes, just listening and relaxing until she hears so footsteps on the ground, making her turn against them and open her eyes. “Feeling better, my child?” Hui Wen calm voice responses when he notice that he had been spotted. Ling Chang just nods so he continues “We can go past the mason for your sculpture while getting the bread and meat for breakfast” still with a calm voice but the words makes Ling Chang lose a bit of joy but quickly replied with joy “Sure, sounds like a good idea” she replied trying to forget the past for a moment and together they walk out of the small garden and into the streets of Funanai which is already full of life even after the past events. They have gotten new management after Gang Chen has taken over the control of the town to make sure that the harbour is continuing its operations. Ling Chang wonder how people can be so calm in a time on unrest but she keeps the question to herself because she knows that people can be spies and one wrong word, they are all caught. They finally reach the mason and Hui Wen enters first to make sure that everything is alright while Ling Chang stays outside for a moment and watch the life going on.

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