Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 8

A child came running against her but before he could say anything Hui Wen and the mason opened the door. “This is my friend Lei who is a great mason and he will make anything you ask. I will leave you two as I need to go to the blacksmith to get a sword made for Jun Chen too” Hui Wen said with a joyful voice and soon Lei and Ling Chang were all alone in the mason. Ling Chang looked at him and he was a bit thin compared to the mason they had a home but sure he would be a great mason when Hui Wen was friends with him. She took of the medallion and handed it to Lei who quickly took and watched every detail on it. “This are my family medallion and I would like a sculpture that looks like the dragon on the medallion” She said while a small tear ran down her check and Lei looked up for a moment before returning to the medallion. “That should be possible, and sorry for your loss, Hui Wen told me about the death of your parents but I am sure we will get the bad ones, beaten soon enough” Lie said with a calm and easy voice and handed the medallion back to Ling Chang who quickly took it on again. “Guess you better stay here until Hui Wen returns form the blacksmith or I might get in trouble for losing you” Lie said still calm and easy. Ling Chang nodded and started to look around, which made Lie quickly continue “You can go and look around in the mason if you like, I also have a nice garden in case you want to see that” and then he picked a white stone between the stones on the floor and started to look at it figuring out how to make the dragon. Soon there were a lot of hammering coming from the mason but Ling Chang was already far away in dreamland from all watching all the sculptures.

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