Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 9

As it became evening, a long shadow appeared at the mason door and it were Hui Wen who had finally returned form the blacksmith with the new sword for Jun Chen and some food for dinner. “Sorry I was away for so long” he said when he entered the mason and Lie just looked at him with a bit tired eyes as he had been making the sculpture the entire day. “Were is Ling Chang?” Hui Wen asked while looking around for her before looking straight at Lei as a bad feeling started to grow inside him. “Relax, old fool” Lei said with a laughing voice and pointed out the window which made Hui Wen eyes follow. Outside the window in the garden were Ling Chang walking around like he had only been away for a few minutes. “She have been in some kind of dream world since you left us” Lie laughed and Hui Wen could not stop himself from laughing either. “Does that mean she did not get her sculpture done” Hui Wen voice changed to serious as he fear what the night would bring if she did not have it one more night.. Lei started laughing loudly and even more wildly than before while he tried to speak and point at the dragon sculpture right in front of Hui wen who had been so focus on Ling Chang that he did not notice it.