Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 10

Ling Chang entered the room from the garden and noticed that both Hui Wen and the sculpture was there. She took off her medallion and held it up to line it with the sculpture. Even in the evening light it was almost impossible to see any difference and Ling Chang took her medallion on again before looking kindly at Lei. “It is perfect, thanks a lot for your time and I enjoyed every moment out in the garden” Lei stopped laughing and bowed back at Ling Chang. “It was a honor to serve you and please come back if you every need to walk my garden again” Lei said calmly and smiled. Ling Chang took the sculpture down from the production table and started carrying it out the door while biting her teeth hard together as the injuries on her hands had started to hurt again but she wanted to be strong. Hui Wen quickly started to find some gold coins to pay Lei but Lei just shocked his head and said gentle “It is a gift, so spare the gold for something else” and Hui Wen put the coins back at his small bag and followed Ling Chang who had already gone quiet a bit. “Wait on me” he said calmly while he ran a bit to reach Ling Chang. Ling Chang stopped for a moment and was almost pushed out of course by a stranger who walked by and for a moment she thought she knew the man but he just walked on like nothing had happen. “Look were you are going” Hui Wen yelled but the man just continued walking and when he reached Ling Chang, she just shocked her head and they started walking back home.