Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 11

As they reached the house was Jun Chen still outside training in the evening sun and the sight of him made Ling Chang feel a bit jealous but the weight of the sculpture has started to take its told so she just smiled at him before walking the last steps inside her room. When she got outside was Hui Wen unpacking the dinner while Jun Chen still had not reacted on them arriving which made the jealous grow inside Ling Chang again and this time she took an apple from the dinner and threw against him while started to laugh as it came closer and closer to his face but just as it was about to hit him he moved quickly and before Ling Chang had a chance to react the apple had hit her face instead leaving Jun Chen being the one laughing now. Ling Chang cleans herself and Hui Wen just shakes his head disapproving the évents and starts eating some of the meat. ” Come eat, both of you” Hui Wen says calmly before eating some more meat. Jun Chen stops laughing and do a few stretches before he also is eating some of the meat from the table leaving Ling Chang as the only one not at the table or eating. She finished her cleaning before walking over and picking up an apple, just to leave the place again. Jun Chen feels coldness from her, making him try to capture her free hand but she pull it away just as they are reaching and she walks faster away from the table and soon she is all alone in the back of the house. “Sorry, please stay” Jun Chen yells gentle but the jealousy is drowning any feelings for company so she just eat the apple before laying and start counting the stars which slowly appears on the sky while the sun disappears.

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