Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 12

Jun Chen appears slowly from the back but Ling Chang hears him before he gets a chance to say anything and walks past him like he is nothing and enters her room roughly but manage to catch the sight of Hui Wen who is just seating on the ground meditating. “Good night” Ling Chang says without sounding too angry as Jun Chen appears inside the her sight again and before he can reach her, she closes the door behind her and lays down in her bed, thinking of the things just happened. Ling Chang closed her eyes while she hears Jun Chen outside starting to talk with Hui Wen without really hearing what is going on.

“What did I do wrong? Hui Wen” Jun Chen asks him, making Hui Wen stretch while opening his eyes to return form the meditation and quickly his eyes focuses at Jun Chen. “What?” Jun Chen says trying to avoid the eyes of Hui Wen. “I think she is having a hard time, coming over the lose of her parents which was why I took her to the mason today as I believe that a sculpture to pray to will help her heal and control her rage… give her time, she needs that” Hui Wen says while removing his focus from Jun Chen and starts standing up. Jun Chen wants to say something but Hui Wen holds a finger to his mouth to make him quiet. “let her rest, she needs to find herself beside you have more important things to care about right now… You are the next in line for the throne even that your cosine has taken it for now, we need you to be ready both psychically and physically so here is something to help you on the way” Hui Wen continues before handing over the sword he had gotten created from the blacksmith doing the day. Jun Chen don’t know what to do so he just watch it with open mouth before he sees Hui Wen nodding from behind the table. Jun Chen stands up and starts swinging the sword around a few swings, making it sound like someone is singing. Jun Chen finally comes to his senses and kneels in front of Hui Wen who just seats and smiles. “Thanks, but I don’t deserve this sword” Jun Chen said but Hui Wen just shakes his head and pushes the sword back at Jun Chen. “Maybe not now, but some day you will and for now I will start teaching you how to use it, starting tomorrow” Hui Wen says gentle and Jun Chen takes it back and bows again before yawning. “I better get some sleep then” Jun Chen says and look up at the dark sky which is already full of stars. Hui Wen just nods and joins him entering the house.

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