Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 14

She starts slowly by swinging the sword around with one hand and the pain in her hands makes her worry if it is a good idea or not but a sudden thought about her parents makes her force herself to train even harder and the bandages starts getting red form blood. She gets in the zone and the pain disappears from her mind and she moves faster and faster with the moonlight hitting the sword lighting up the small area. Suddenly a hand grasp her hand the zone disappear, making her almost scream off pain but holds in while slowly turning around against the hand and as tears starts running down her checks she sees it is only Jun Chen. “You don’t like to follow the rules” Jun Chen says a bit rough before he notices her tears. “Sorry did not mean it that hard” He quickly continues in a more gentle voice before he feels the blood at the sword and he knows that it hurts on her, making him stop holding the sword and disappears. Ling Chang stand for a moment wondering what happened with the pain making it impossible for her to focus and before finally gets her thoughts starting Jun Chen is back with fresh bandages. “Lets get them changed” Jun Chen says gentle while making Ling Chang letting go of the sword so he can access the wounds. The wound is a bit messed up and Ling Chang is still feeling the tears running down her checks as she cries in silences. Suddenly Jun Chen kiss her and she wants to slap him for it but her heart beats in a rhythm telling her to kiss him back and she feels the pain slowly going away but before she can enjoy it fully he stops again and the pain from the wounds returns but at least one hand is now cleaned and having fresh bandages. “WHY did you do that?” Ling Chang managed to say angry at first before her feelings starts growing inside her and she kiss him back, making him almost forget to take care of the other hand but manage to do it before the kiss is over. Ling Chang feels the pain but her feelings when kissing him is too strong for her to care. They stops kissing just as Jun Chen has replace the other the bandages and he doesn’t say a word as he removes her remaining tears form her face. “You have beautiful eyes, Ling Chang” he says before kissing her again. Ling Chang feels a joy that had been gone since the day her father went out to train with the army three months ago. Tears appears in her eyes again and mixes with their kisses but they don’t stop. Jun Chen starts playing Ling Chang’s long black hair and it makes her kiss him even more but suddenly a thought stops them both from continuing “Sorry, we have to be fresh tomorrow or Hui Wen will know” they say in the mouth of each other making Ling Chang laugh a bit before they bends down to get the bandages and the sword to remove the traces of them being out a night. “I will train you at night if Hui Wen won’t train you doing the day” Jun Chen says gentle making Ling Chang’s shine like the stars above them and she kiss him again before they walk back in silence to make sure that Hui Wen doesn’t wake up hearing them and back in their rooms is Ling Chang having a hard time sleeping because all the events. She walks over to the dragon sculpture and put her hand on the head “Mom and dad, I have found true love in the crown prince Jun Chen and I ask of your blessings from beyond and I promise you that it won’t ruin my chances of revenging you, I love you” Ling Chang said gentle before removing the hand again and walked back in bed before yawning loud and closed her eyes.