Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 15

The sun raises up like normal and Ling Chang was wondering what the day would bring her as the wounds had still not healed and she were not allowed to train. She got dressed and walked outside her room were Hui Wen was already busy training Jun Chen who seemed a bit sleepy today after their night training but he managed to do what Hui Wen wanted away,. “You are awake, good” Hui Wen said with a smilie on his face as he turned away from Jun Chen. “Today you are going to start training becoming a woman” Hui Wen continued gently and before Ling Chang could say anything he continued once more “No need to send me those eyes, my child. I have not decide if I want to train you or not yet but while you heal, you can at least learn something else instead” Hui Wen said with a smile and Ling Chang smiled back with the whole face making sure that she did not send any wrong signs. “Glad to see you smile, eat some breakfast while I will go pick up your teacher” Hui Wen said and started to leave the place before turning against Jun Chen. “Swing the sword faster and harder” he yelled commanding and Jun Chen did as told with out a single word. Ling Chang started eating like she were told and did not notice the sound of the sword coming closer before Jun Chen finally spoke. “Good morning, Sunshine” He said, making Ling Chang almost falling down the chair in chock, only a quick movement from Jun Chen prevented her from hitting the ground. “Sorry, I just wanted…” Jun Chen started while Ling Chang started to laugh loudly and words tried to get out of her mouth but only more laughing happened. Jun Chen started laughing too and soon they were both laughing loudly. After a while they became silenced again and they looked at deeply into each other eyes, making Jun Chen try again “Sorry, I wanted to tell you that no matter what that old foul want, then I will train you every night just like yesterday but I think we need to find our own place or he will find out” He said gentle while Ling Chang just nodded while continuing to look into his eyes. Ling Chang wanted to kiss him so she closed her eyes and expected it to happened but instead sound of a woman and Hui Wen started to appear and before she knew it she were alone at the table and Jun Chen were back at his training but he managed to send her a air kiss before Hui Wen appeared. “This is Jun Wen, my son” Hui Wen said while trying to signal something to the confused Jun Chen who managed to understand them before saying anything. “Nice young man, you got there” the woman said and they started to walk down to Ling Chang who still was a bit confused about the almost kiss not long ago and now Hui Wen lying. “This is my daughter Ling Wen, who you will be training into becoming a real woman” Hui Wen continued and Ling Chang bowed to the woman while trying to remove her confused look form her face. “Madam” she said while looking straight in the ground. The woman started laughing in a funny way while she commented to Hui Wen. “Except for maybe the outfit, what do you need me for, your daughter seems like a fine lady already” The woman said, making Hui Wen laugh too before answering “You will see, beside I heard you are the best to teach young women some manners” Hui Wen said before it hit him that he had forgot his manners. “Sorry, I forgot to introduce you… This is Fen, she will teach Ling Wen in becoming a fine young woman while her horse injury is healing” Hui Wen said while looking directly at Ling Chang and her bandages who had already become red, not as bad as the other days but it were still there, from the eating. Fen noticed the bandages at each of Ling Changs hands and noticed the red and started to run into the house to find some fresh bandages before anyone could stop her. The movement made them all sweating but she came back before they had a chance to do something and in her hand she had some fresh bandages. “Sorry, I could not just stand watching the poor child bleeding” Fen said while she started to prepare the bandages before looking at Ling Chang who was still in chock about what just happened. “Does it hurt, my child?” Fen said and Ling Chang managed to react to her eyes. “Sorry I just woke up, but yes it hurts” Ling Chang said while removing her bandages slowly and underneath the injuries still appears fresh because of the night training but she quickly manage to lie “I feel down the chair just before so it is a mess right now” without taking eyes away from the bloody bandages. Hui Wen just nodded and Fen starts replacing them. “Sorry if this hurts, my child” Fen says while placing the bandages and Ling Chang fells the pain but hides it behind a smile. Fen returns the smile and looks back at Hui Wen and speaks gentle “She will be like new, soon enough, but it will complicate her training a bit” Hui Wen is smiled and replies “That is why I need the best beside I don’t have the options to train her myself after my wife died” Ling Chang breaks in “Thanks, Fen” She says making Fen return to her and smile even more “You will be a lotus flower, soon enough… soon enough” Fen replied and stands up from the table before helping Ling Chang too. “First I think we need to find the right clothes for you” Fen says and before she can say more is Hui Wen already walking against the door “This way, ladies” he says and before Ling Chang has a change to say anything they are inside Hui Wen’s bedroom which is full of all colourful clothes. “I am sure, your mom’s old cloches will do” Hui Wen says and starts to leave the room. Ling Chang is speechless and Fen too but she manages to nod to Hui Wen before he leaves the room and soon a sound of swords and screams is heard from the outside. Ling Chang closes her eyes for a second and feel a tear appearing but when she opens up again the day is already gone and she is laying in her bed with almost fresh bandages and a moonlight telling her it is time from training.

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