Chapter 7 – Love & training – Part 1

It was a grey morning with no sun and no rain either but Ling Chang work up with a smile as yesterday evening had the bandages on her hands been changed a last time and Hui Wen had decided to train her as she had not entered her rage mood. It was also time for them to be alone again as the sword training meant that Ling Chang would not have time for the woman teaching by Fen. Fen had almost become part of the family so Ling Chang was going to miss her even that Fen didn’t even know their real names or identities but she could not wait to return to her real life. Ling Chang got dressed before praying for a good day at her family dragon before heading out of the house were Hui Wen and Jun Chen as always was training. Ling Chang smiled to both of them and started to eat her breakfast when Hui Wen walked over to her. “Let me see your hands” Hui Wen said quickly and Ling Chang stopped her eating and held them out in the open so Hui Wen could watch them. He slowly removed the white bandages and a pair of beautiful hands appeared, no scares or any other signs of the injury. “They look fantastic, guess you are ready to begin your training” Hui Wen said smiling and Ling Chang hugged him while replying full of joy “Thank you, Hui Wen” before returning to her breakfast. “When you are done breakfast I want you to go pick up your sword so we can get started right away” Hui Wen said with the biggest smile on his face in a long time. Ling Chang quickly finished her breakfast and almost fell over the chair when trying to run inside to get the sword. As she entered her room, she placed her hand on the dragon and this time the pray was far form silence “Today, I will learn how to fight and soon I will be able to revenge you” Ling Chang said with a certain voice before grasping the sword and ran outside again with a big smile.

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