Chapter 7 – Love & training – Part 2

Jun Chen smiled at her when she came out but Hui Wen was not all ready to let her train “You better find some training outfit inside my room” Hui Wen said and pointed at Ling Chang outfit which had turned more feminine doing the training to become a real woman with Fen. Ling Chang just laughed as she knew exactly what he meant, so she ran fast back inside to change. In the meantime was Jun Chen too focus on his thoughts about him and Ling Chang that Hui Wen had to correct his training. “Are you sleeping?” Hui Wen asked while both smiling and sounding rough on the same time. “No” Jun Chen managed to say right before Hui Wen was about to get more rough. “Good, give me some power in those blows instead of the weak ones you do now” Hui Wen said a bit more rough that before but still smiling. Ling Chang appeared on the screen, just in time for Jun Chen to be saved more schooling, her blue training outfit made both men loose focus on what they had talked about. Hui Wen was the first to say something “You do not need your sword today as today I just want to see your strength and powers without one” and Ling Chang placed her sword by her chair and quickly returned in front of Hui Wen who only managed to watch a single blow from Jun Chen. “Good, I want you to hit me as hard as you can into my belly” Hui Wen said with a serious voice while Ling Chang studied his movements and was a bit afraid of doing it wrong so when Hui Wen stood ready, she was already so nervous about it that she could not make herself do it. “I cannot do it” Ling Chang said with a nervous voice but Hui Wen was serious so he just nodded to her and said “I am ready for it, so don’t worry” and Ling Chang got a bit more brave and started to prepare herself. “I can” she started to repeat in silence with only the mouth moving and started the strike but suddenly a woman voice was heard and it was Fen. The surprise of seeing Fen at the place, ruined the concentration of Hui Wen who soon were down on the ground grasping for air after Ling Chang’s strike. “Sorry, father” Ling Chang managed to say while acting into the role of being his daughter and Jun Chen started to help the still airless Hui Wen up before holding Hui Wen’s hands up. “No… Worries… My… Child” Hui Wen managed to say while his lungs started to get full of air again. “Sorry if I surprises you all” Fen said with a troubled voice as she knew she was the reason for the mess. Hui Wen tries to smiled while Jun Chen lets go of him and walks away and take Ling Chang with him. “Put the sword away” he whispers to Ling Chan who take it before Fen gets her eyes on it and they enters the house leaving Hui Wen and Fen together outside.