Chapter 7 – Love & training – Part 3

Fen looked like a big question before she managed to say something “Something wrong with me being here, Hui Wen?” She asked and Hui Wen quickly shock his head and replied “No, guess I forgot to tell you yesterday that we don’t need your service anymore as my daughters hands has healed so she now can train her fighting skills” he said with a dry voice before picking up some coins from his pocket. “Here is the pay I own you plus a bit extra because you came today too” Hui Wen continued before giving Fen a chance to say anything. Fen took the coins but was still a bit disappointed “Fine, I will leave you, but if I hear in town that you have hired another teacher for your daughter I would like to ask for a second chance” Her voice was a bit cold and sad on the same time but Hui Wen quickly replied “you did a wonderful job, so please take care and be safe in these times” to sound like all was good. Fen bowed and counted the coins before leaving the place with some big steps and soon she were out of sight. Ling Chang and Jun Chen returned form the house. “What did she want?” Jun Chen asked and Hui Wen just replied “I forgot to tell her, she was not needed more after yesterday because of Ling Chang’s healing, but I think we need to keep pretending to be a family as fear that she might return.” Ling Chang looked at him and the sword that she for some reason had brought back with her even she knew she did not need it for the training. “Maybe I can train half day with you and half day with her” Ling Chang with a bit sad voice as she was a bit ashamed of leaving Fen on her own but Hui Wen shocked her head. “We cannot have her watch our movements anymore as we never know who she talks to and who hires her, my friend the mason is the only person who knows who we are and that is already one too many in these times” Hui Wen said with a firm voice. Ling Chang just nodded even she did really understand the problems but instead of question Hui Wen she just asked “Can we start training now?” While smiling and Hui Wen smiled and soon the three of them was training.

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