Chapter 7 – Love & training – Part 4

The day went faster than any of the other days and even that she had been training all day she still stood out of the bed when she heard Hui Wen was snoring next door. She started to slowly walk out of the house and followed a small path to the trees where she the first time had trained with Jun Chen doing the time she were not supposed to train. They had trained there a few times but they had ended up finding it a bad place as Hui Wen could see them train if he had any night business so they had been searching and by luck they had followed a river and found a waterfall with a small green area not far away but the most important was when they figured out that the waterfall had a cave behind its wall of water and if you did not know it was there, it was almost impossible to see. Ling Chang followed the river like the days before and soon she was able to hear the waterfall. The moon was almost gone and only the stars gave light but even they was not as clear as the other days but it did not matter much as she knew the way and she wanted to continue her training with Jun Chen. Ling Chang was normally the first one of the two, behind the waterfall so she walked a bit out in the water and climbed the first big rock to get in position for the almost hidden way to the cave. She jumped to the next rock and landed softly on the next, which made her jump again while the sound of the waterfall became more and more deafening as she came closer to the entrances. Ling Chang prepared herself to jumped to the last rock but the low light played with her eyes and before she knew it, she landed in the water and everything started spinning around. She tried to scream but stream of water made it impossible and the few words leaving her mouth died in deafening sound from the waterfall. Ling Chang tried to focus on swim instead of scream but even that was impossible with the stream and quickly she felt her energy leave her body while the darkness came closer and closer. Ling Chang needed air so she tried to focus her last strength on getting too the surface but the stream keep holding her in an iron grip and her mind became more heavy. Her eyes started to flicker and she felt the end coming closer and closer but as the darkness was the closest, a hand grab her around the waist and she felt getting pulled thought the water before she blacked out.
The saviour was Jun Chen who had arrived and seen her body being played by the water streams and when she had not answered he had jumped out after her, not caring much about his own life. “Wake up, please wake up” Jun Chen started to repeat over and over while trying to get Ling Chang to loose some of the water she had gotten inside. “Cough, cough” Ling Chang finally said as the water left her lungs and she opened her eyes wide before screaming loudly but the waterfall covered most of it leaving only Jun Chen in the zone. “You are alive” Jun Chen said while tears ran down his checks, mixing with the river water. Ling Chang turned against him and looked at him with red eyes while trying to smile between each cough. As the coughing started to disappear, they started talking. “Maybe it is not a good hiding spot” Jun Chen started, sounding serious. Ling Chang looked at him and kiss him first before replying “Maybe, but we cannot have that Hui Wen finds out about our love or our training as I am not sure what he will find worse, cough” Jun Chen was surprised by the kiss but also knew that it meant that Ling Chang was trying to get her will so he almost decided to give up already. “Are you sure it a good idea? Beside you have your training doing the day now” He tried to sound serious and caring on the same time and Ling Chang just smiled at him before kissing him again. “I promise I won’t enter the cave when you are not here if that makes you feel safe” Ling Chang said as she with a smile as knew he would say yes as beside where else would they be able to express their love. “Ok, but guess enough events happened tonight so let us return home” Jun Chen said calmly and Ling Chang sat up before she suddenly looked like someone who had seen death. “I dropped my sword” Ling Chang said quickly, almost eating the words. “WHAT” Jun Chen replied both surprised and angry voice while he also sat up. “I dropped my sword in the river, we need to find it or Hui Wen will know what we are doing” Ling Chang said more clear and started to get standing but her body was still a bit messed up from the experience so she almost fell to the ground again. Jun Chen could see how she had troubles standing and stood up quickly to help her seat down again. “You stay here, I will find the sword and come back soon” Jun Chen with no change in his voice and before Ling Chang could say anything he were in the water, leaving her all alone. Ling Chang tried to think but before her mind became clear, her body had already answer for her as it was trying to stand once more. This time she did not fall to the ground and she started to walk straight for the water were Jun Chen had already jumped in but he were no were to be seen. Ling Chang took some deep breaths and without thinking about what had happen not minutes before she jumped in and started her own search for the sword. The stream was strong as before but this time she was ready for it and had it under control until Jun Chen suddenly appeared. “Did I not tell you to stay on ground” Jun Chen said with a furious voice, which almost scared Ling Chang as she had never heard him like that before. “Sorry” Ling Chang replied and even that the river hide her tears from him, Jun Chen still knew he had crossed the line and closed his eyes before replying back “Sorry, now lets us find that sword before the sun raises” They divide and started searching for it but it was not an easy task when the night sky slowly got filled with clouds covering their only light. The stream made it impossible to stay under water for long and Ling Chang was still a bit scared of the water after she almost left the world, but they had to find the sword. After an hour was Ling Chang closed to give up when a shooting star lighted up the water and in the depth Ling Chan noticed the sword. She started to swim against it and just as she was about to take it, Jun Chen was there too and together they swam to the surface both smiling. “Good job, by the way did you notice the shooting star” Jun Chen asked Ling Chang who was still focus on reaching the shore again. As Ling Chang finally reached the shore, she turned against him and kiss him again before she replied smiling “Yes I did, but you know that I cannot tell you what I wished for or it will not come true” and Jun Chen just threw the sword on the land and kissed her again before they walked up on the ground. “It is getting late, I know I said it before but we have to go home or we will have a hard time with training tomorrow” Jun Chen said a bit serious even he could see that Ling Chang was not in mood to sleep but she nodded in agreement and they walked back to the house. They kissed a last time before silently walked into their rooms while a snoring Hui Wen told them they were home again. Ling Chang yawn as she got naked and stood for a moment while thinking of what had happened “Sorry, I won’t be so careless again” she whispered to the sculpture before heading to bed and before she had time to think more she were fast asleep.

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the sun entered her room and even she did not feel like she had been sleeping at all, she was still fresh and ready for another day. She got dressed and said a few words to the her parents and walked out. The weather was nice and she noticed that neither Hui Wen or Jun Chen was anywhere to be seen so she walked slowly back to the doors and as she expected she heard them snoring from behind the doors which gave her an idea. She wanted to go to town to pick up some breakfast but she had only seen the mason and his garden, so she wondered if she could handle it but nothing made her mind worried so she decided to go. She reached the mason’s place and even that it was early morning he was already hammering on a new project so Ling Chang did not want to disturb him and walked past him without saying good morning or anything. Ling Chang walked on until she reached the market place which already was full of people selling and buying anything. She walked to the nearest stand where they sold some amazing fruits and without thinking much she brought some and soon she had a meal for the three of them so she started to walk home again in peace. The peace disappeared as she entered the grounds of Hui Wen’s house as Hui Wen and Jun Chen were yelling loudly of each other. “Where is she?” Hui Wen yelled loudly and Jun Chen yelled back “I do not know… I cannot look after her all the time” When Ling Chang heard that the argument was about her, she quickly yelled “Good morning guys” and the two men turned against her with red face but their voices was already far more calm. “Thanks, that you are safe” Jun Chen said while Hui Wen added “Where have you been?” As his sight was only at her and not at the food she had in her hands. “I went morning shopping to surprise you” Ling Chang said gentle as she felt that she would get schooled anytime soon, but Hui Wen just smiled and replied gentle “Right, sorry I, I mean we were just worried about you because someone has stolen one of our horses doing the night” Ling Chang feel relieved and scared on the same time but decide to hide both things and say something else instead “I have gotten bread, fruit and some meat so if you starts training I will prepare it all” and Hui Wen nodded to her and Jun Chen who was still wild in his eyes but did what she suggested and ran inside to get his sword. They started the training and as Ling Chang were not part of it they were sword fighting gentle. “Focus” Hui Wen said gentle while he attacked Jun Chen who barely managed to block the attack. Hui Wen stopped for a while and Jun Chen shock his head trying to get the fight out of his head and for a moment it seems like he did so returns to the fight. Hui Wen attacks and Jun Chen blocks like normal before lunching his own attack but the tiny rage remaining makes him attack a bit too hard so Hui Wen gets a small cut above his fingers. Hui Wen just laugh at it and says “Guess it is my turn to focus” and his continued laughing kills the last rage and Jun Chen is back to normal and ready to fight some more when Ling Chang calls “Breakfast” They walk over to the fire and starts eating the food Ling Chang has made for them. “This is great food” Hui Wen says promote after taking his first bite and continues “Why is it you want to fight so badly when you are a great cook” which makes Ling Chang both proud and annoyed which made her answer also annoyed “You know why” but she quickly noticed her voice and continued “Sorry, master. I did not mean it as hard” and Hui Wen just smiled and continued eating and soon they all was training and sweating like rain had started to fall even that the weather had been surprising good in all the time they had been there.

That night was Ling Chang tired after the rough training and the almost drowning event last night but she wanted to train so she got up and got dress before slowly opening the door and walk out. Jun Chen was there as she had been slow to get up and they started to walk the path but suddenly a scream was heard “Got you now, horse theft” Hui Wen yelled loudly against them and his face was full of rage in the light form the small torch. The face quickly turned from raging to calm and confused. “Sorry, my children” Hui Wen said calmly and held the torch away from them so they could see again. “I thought that you were the horse theft from last night who had returned, but what are you doing up” Hui Wen voice slowly become more serious than calm and Ling Chang knew she had to act fast or he would find out about their love and even that training was bad too, she knew that he would never understand their love. Ling Chang looked at Jun Chen who did not had any answer for the question leaving her to fix it all and with a quick movement she pulled the sword from her back and said “Sorry, master. I want to train with sword so much as I feel you are teaching me like I am a child, that I have made Jun Chen show me a few tricks so I can build on what my father have taught me” She said with a firm and focus leaving Hui Wen in no doubt and his reaction was just as she expected his face changed from the calm face to the raging face again and Hui Wen yelled “WHAT, I told you, not to train when I was not here” giving Jun Chen no chance to say anything about their love and instead he just looked like a big question mark, making Hui Wen even more angry. “You want to know why?” Hui Wen yelled loudly like he did not cared much if the whole town heard him. “I might be slow to teach her, but the reason I am slow is because I want to make sure she does not get her rage back” His voice broke but his rage tried to make the voice continue to sound wild but tears started to run down his checks “I… I… I… just want to protect both of you as I fear that if you rage while I am not here then nothing can stop you and you will ruin our only change of restore the kingdom to its former glory instead of some evil lord like we have now” Hui Wen said in a more normal voice and Ling Chang wanted to travel back in time to change the outcome but she knew she had to live with it now. Jun Chen opened his mouth and closed it again like he tried to say something to save it all but Ling Chang eyes told him to just keep quiet. Ling Chang could feel the tears run down her check as she knew she had been bad and selfish. Her voice broke but she managed to speak “Sorry master, I will not go behind your back again but…” “No, buts” Hui Wen broke in gentle and he kissed her forehead and before continuing “Back to bed both of you, I need to think if I want to train you at all anymore or if I am just making it all worse” His voice was almost gone. Ling Chang and Jun Chen excused themselves before doing as told leaving Hui Wen only on the path while rain started to fall. Jun Chen managed to stop Ling Chang before she entered her room. “Sorry I did not say anything” He started but Ling Chang did not let him finish. “I know, do not worry. I did it to save our love as I worried that he would have become even more mad if he found out about that” she said in silence while making sure that Hui Wen was not nearby. Jun Chen did not know what to answer so he just kissed her and they entered each of their rooms. Ling Chang threw the sword and hit the sculpture with a hard clash, making the entire room clatter but Ling Chang did not care about the noise instead she broke down crying “I failed you, parents” but quickly removed her tears when she heard Hui Wen return home and went to bed to sleep even that the night training had made her a night owl.

“What are you doing here?” Li Chen says with a dry voice and looks at his brother Gang Chen who enters the throne room. “Did you find them, my dear brother” Li Chen continues when his brother are not answering his question. Gang Chen walks closer and closer against his brother without replying and suddenly their sister Mei Chen is there too but she is not silence “Did you really think you could have me all on your own” she says with a cold voice just as Gang Chen pulls forward his sword leaving Li Chen yelling loudly “Guards, help me” and the doors opens like he expects but instead of walking against Gang Chen, they just join him and walk against the throne and Li Chen who does not see any way of escape so he pulls his sword too. “I do not want to harm any of you” He managed to say with a shacking voice and this time Gang Chen replies him. “Yes you would, why else have you send me away” his voice is colder than his sister’s and he laughter afterwards making Li Chen fearing for his life so he starts attacking his brother with his sword but when their swords meets it is Li Chen’s swords that breaks and before he could do anything to defend himself, he is pushed away by Gang Chen who laugh once more. “You cannot escape your fait” and in the next both he and Mei Chen is right beside him and when he tries to speak his mouth gets full of some fluid, making his words died in his mouth. He tries to spit and his eyes turns wide when it appears to be blood and he tries to scream but it is too late and the laughter from Gang Chen and Mei Chen becomes higher and higher. Suddenly the laughter stops and Mei Chen is above him, not laughing, and trying to say something to him but he cannot heard the words and fears that he is going to die now when suddenly the sound appears and he hears her words. “Wake up, brother” she repeats over and over until he almost yells “I am up” and she falls down in the bed beside him. Mei Chen looks up in the roof and wonders what to do but is not getting much peace before Mei Chen asks “What was the nightmare about, my dear brother” her voice is sweet as honey and far away from the cold voice in his nightmare so he just turns around and kiss her before replying gentle “Nothing for you to worry about” before returning to looking at the roof in the room but Mei Chen is not done with him and starts seating on his belly so he can watch her prefect naked body. “Are you sure about that dear brother?” She tries again even sweeter that before and Li Chen smiled before taking her down and kiss her again. “Yes I am sure, but guess now that we are up anyway we can do some productive” Li Chen says before getting out of bed and gets dressed while sending signals to her getting dressed too. They both get dressed before Li Chen leaves for the throne room and the guards opening the door looks confused at first but still ask “Anything we can do” and Li Chen looks at them for a second before nodding and replies “Bring me Jiang Chen to me” and one of the guards starts running while the other continues to hold the door for Mei Chen who has arrived too. Li Chen seats down on the throne while waiting for Jiang Chen to arrive while Mei Chen asks “What do you want to do to that old foul, this late hour?” Li Chen does not answer her at first and holds a hand on his sword as the nightmare has still not left him completely. But before she can ask again, he replied gentle “Wait and see my little lotus” and as the last word leaves his mouth, a guard enters with Jiang Chen is more skinny than before and instead of eyes, red bandages is taking its place. “You called for me?” Jiang Chen says still with the force he had before he lost the position as emperor. “Yeah, I did” Li Chen answers almost laughing as he cannot make himself the tone form Jiang Chen seriously. “We have to fresh you up a bit as you are going on a trip, old foul” Li Chen says and pulls his sword before starting to walk against Jiang Chen who is only standing before of the guard. “What is the supposed to mean?” Jiang Chen says still strong and unaware of what is about to happen. “This” Li Chen says and pull the old man down and starts cutting his hair with his sword. The action surprises Jiang Chen but his will is far from broken. “Are you sure you cannot handle me alone?” Jiang Chen laughing replies while he feels the hair getting cut and pulled. “Let the guard leave and give me a sword and I will show you who is the strongest” Jiang Chen teases Li Chen and Mei Chen raised up from her seat and rush against him before almost yelling but Li Chen manages to calm her before she says anything. Jiang Chen fells the change and knows that he is even without the guard, he is not alone with Li Chen. “Do you really need a woman to do your job” He continues teasing and the words makes Li Chen reply with a rage. “You are nothing but an old foul” and Jiang Chen feels the sword cutting his leg but stays strong as he knows he is death anyway. “Did you had a little nightmare or what happen since you suddenly wanted me to be present… tell you a bedtime story?” Jiang Chen continues teaching and the sword disappears from his leg and he is pulled up by Li Chen. “You are so death” Li Chen yells and Jiang Chen feels the sword on his throat but it is with dull side making him just continue his tease. “You need to hold the sword right to kill me” Jiang Chen says and starts laughing before suddenly he feels the ground in his face and scream is heard. Jiang Chen tries to figure out what happen when he suddenly hears a bump and wind blows against his face before he hears Li Chen’s laughter. “I love you, I love you man, you are so annoying that you just made me kill one of my own soldiers just because I promised my dear brother Gang Chen that he could have you” Li Chen says as he walks back to the throne leaving Jiang Chen on the ground. “Guards” Li Chen yells when back at the throne and a door opens before he continues “Clean up this mess and wake up 6 soldiers to bring this dog to my dear brother” The soldier just nods and leaves the room with Jiang Chen so only Li Chen and Mei Chen is in the room. “Why didn’t you kill him, brother” Mei Chen finally done keeping herself silence. Li Chen looks at her with curious eyes, wondering if he should tell her or not because she was also in the dream and he is a bit worried if that part was true too but decides to do it. “The nightmare you woke me up from, made me realised that I am not so sure about you or our dear brother” Li Chen said trying to figure out her reaction while he hell his sword hard. She did not answer so he continued “You both tried to kill me in my dream so now I am sending the dog to my brother so he can execute him when he pleases so we don’t have that between us” this time Mei Chen moved quickly to appear in front of him, making Li Chen get a better and tighter grip in his sword but Mei Chen bowed her head while replying “I will never join the other side, let me travel with Jiang Chen and the soldiers to Funanai and find our missing enemies so we can rule the country with the power we want, my dear brother” her voice was firm and Li Chen was removed of every doubt he had in her and while she was still bowing he walk over to her without replying. As he stood right in front of her, he made his hand go down to her head and slowly made her look him directly in the eyes before helping her standing and kissed her. “Good idea, my dear sister” he said after the kiss, just a soldier appeared to clean up the mess from the death soldier. “The soldier are up and ready to go, any last commands?” The soldier said while started to carry the death one out of the door and Li Chen looked at him before replying “Yes, my sister will join the party and you will leave when she is ready” Li Chen turned his focus on Mei Chen and kisses her ears while whispering “If something happens I expect you to handle it, sister” and Mei Chen just kissed him back before she bowed again and left the room with the soldier leaving Li Chen all alone with a smile on his face. Outside the throne room, the rain started to fall even more heavy than before. In one of the towers of the palace a man was walking with a white pidgin in his hands which became more and more grey for each rain drop hitting. The man and the pidgin reach the roof and looked around for guards before kissing the bird. “Bring this to Hui Wen, quickly” and as the last word, he let go of the bird, which at was a bit confused at first but manages to follow the wall before flying out in the opened and soon it was far away from the palace. Back at the tower the man has been seen by a soldier. “What are you doing up there” the man didn’t answers and instead pulled out a small knife and tried to attack the soldier but the soldier were too fast. With a quick movement he got out of the way and the slippy wood made it impossible for the man to stop again and he fell out an opening in the tower with screaming. The soldier looked down and watch the man were death on the ground.

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