Chapter 7 wow, Chapter 8 tomorrow

Hello Anyone

Today I finished chapter 7 – Love & training after just 4 days, that is crazy, I cannot understand what happened but after I publish part 3 yesterday my mind just wanted to relax so I watched a movie “Doomsday”, which maybe was a bad choice in these times. Anyway afterwards my mind was like “You are not finish writing today” so I started writing again and when it was time for bed I wanted to publish it to you guys but could not find a proper ending even it was already quiet long to give you it so I decide to sleep on it. I woke up a bit early before getting headache so I decide to return to sleep and ended up waking up around 12pm where I did my morning things and here I am 5 hours later with another chapter after I have write 4736 words in 10-12 hours and I am like f**k what happened. It feels great about sharing it with you people as it just came like rain drops from a rain cloud. I am ready to start chapter 8 tomorrow. You already know that is named Letters from home and I have not change it yet but I do not know if my mind goes crazy again, as always if you want to read that or download entire chapters please go here. I have change the font in my PDF version so might experience some death files when updating the old chapters to the new font.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

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