First part of Chapter 8 + 40.000 words

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I have already added today’s part, I might write more if my fingers and mind goes crazy again but for now I need a break. The main reason of this post is just to tell that I have now reached 40.000 words and I know for sure I have never reached to many before so I feel amazing and is so happy for this last weekend of my holiday.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1

Ling Chang wakes up with a set from yelling people outside her room so she quickly get dressed and skip her daily praying to her parents to figure out what is happening. As she gets outside, she arrives in the middle of a fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment and she tries to get their focus but they are blinded by rage and continues yelling so Ling Chang tries to block the sounds instead. “WHAT REASONS COULD BE BETTER THAN TELLING ME THE TRUTH” Jun Chen yells while Hui Wen just look at him trying to control his anger but yells back “YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND” Ling Chang still don’t understand what have happen doing the night and starts to worry about that her training is the problem that has started the yelling so she quickly start eating some breakfast as she has to make them stop yelling at each other. Ling Chang eats quickly and the last bite is only gone when she walks back to Hui Wen and Jun Chen who still yells at each other. “Please stop fighting” Ling Chang says with a calm voice while trying to get Jun Chen to focus on her instead of Hui Wen but he is lost in anger. “Please, Please, Please stop” Ling Chang tries again this time at Hui Wen but even he is tried to control his anger, he is still too far in it for her to get him back. Ling Chang gives up and with tears in her eyes she suddenly notice a white pidgin standing on a piece of paper not far from the fight, not caring much about it. Ling Chang dries her eyes and walk slowly against the pidgin so it won’t fly away but the pidgin does not care about her either so when she finally reach the bird it is still seating calmly. She takes the pidgin up and starts petting it to reach the paper underneath and it goes smoothly. Ling Chang looks at the paper and reads it “Emperor, travel, execution, Funanai” it says. At first Ling Chang does not understand the meaning of the words but as she close her eyes the words comes alive and starts becoming some kind of dream blocking all sounds of Jun Chen and Hui Wen yelling.

Suddenly she is back at the palace, it is destroyed but Hui Wen, Jun Chen and emperor Jiang Chen is there too. They are trying to escape the palace through a hallway and suddenly explosion cuts spilts them from emperor Jiang Chen and they are leaving him in the mess of bricks and wood. Before Ling Chang can do anything, she is suddenly the world around her is black and she feels a pain in her left leg while a horse or something carries her. Ling Chang wants to scream of pain but before she is able to she is laying with her head on some wood and it is not her bed as she is laying in and finally she becomes a bird flying around above the town Funanai and she is watching Jun Chen and Hui Wen still yelling at each other before all becomes dark and the yelling returns.

Ling Chang feels tears running down form her eyes and starts to scream in a mix of pain and fear of what she had seen. Nothing happens and when she turns around she sees that Jun Chen and Hui Wen is still busy with their augment and yelling that. A mixed feeling of hate, love and fear rushes over her and she feels like no one cares about her anymore so she makes a decision to leave the place.