Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 3

“Do you know any reason why she have left us or where she has gone?” Hui Wen asked Jun Chen who was about to ask the same question to Hui Wen so he just shock his head and replied “No, but lets start in the market and at the mason as those are the only place she had been when not here” Hui Wen nodded in agreement. “Maybe we should spilt up so we can cover more ground faster” Hui Wen suggested and Jun Chen liked the idea even he was not used to walk in the town so soon they left the house alone and started searching in difference places of the town. “We meet here at evening if no matter if we have found her or not and keep a low profile” Hui Wen said as a last thing before they spilt up completely and Jun Chen was all alone between people in the town which already had become full and noisy. He started walking against the market as he knew that she had been there before and maybes was just out getting food like last time. His belly rumbled as in the argument about the letters from home, he and HUi Wen had forgotten all about eating breakfast and he got a bit annoyed by the thought that Hui Wen had hidden the letters from him, of course He and Ling Chang had become lovers and been training behinds Hui Wen’s back but it was not the same. His belly rumbled again as he walked past a stand selling seafood. “Can I, please have some octopus?” Jun Chen with a calm voice to clear out the annoyance in his mind. “Certainly, you man” The owner said and packed some for Jun Chen who quickly paid and continued searching for Ling Chang. The food helped him calm and focus on finding Ling Chang instead of arguing about the letters in his head.

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