Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 4

He continued his search but there were no sight of Ling Chang and he wanted to yell her name but he remembered that Hui Wen told him to keep a low profile. He continued to search between the shops and were not focused on where he went only that Ling Chang was not there. Bump, suddenly he was seeing stars doing the day and when he finally got back to normal he was also on the ground. “Look were you are going” he snapped but his voice broken when he noticed the beautiful woman he had ran into. “Sorry” he managed to say while handing out a hand to help the woman up. “Sorry I was focused on something else so did not see you” Jun Chen continued. “It is alright” The woman said and her raised her hand which made it seem like she was still a bit dizzy. “Up” Jun Chen said and pulled the woman up from the ground. “Too fast” The woman yelled a bit as she did not managed to stop and they both landed on the ground again with the woman on top of Jun Chen. Jun Chen could not stop himself from laughing and soon the woman was laughting too before they tried standing up once more and this time they both were able to stay standing.The woman looked at Jun Chen with her beautiful eyes, making Jun Chen almost forget what he was doing in the market.