Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 5

”My name is Jun Chen, what is your name?” Jun Chen asked without thinking on what Hui Wen had said as he was almost lost in the eyes of the stranger. The woman looked at him and smiled “My name is Mei Chen, how awesome we have the same last name” Mei Chen said quickly before pointing at in the sky. “Did you see the beautiful bird?” Mei Chen said, giving Jun Chen no chance to think about their names and instead he tried to catch a sight of the bird. “Where?” He said and followed the finger of Mei Chen. “There” Mei Chen said and pointed at it and Jun Chen finally caught it and tried to sound like it were amazing “Yes, what a beautiful bird” He said before turning his face against Mei Chen again without saying anything. Mei Chen turned her head against his and for a moment the whole world was silence as it waited for something to happen and without any warning kissed Mei Chen, Jun Chen who at first was so brainwashed that he just kissed back before a small voice in his head told him otherwise. He pulled his lips away from Mei Chen and said low while still surprised “Sorry, I don’t know you” trying to hide his feelings for Ling Chang but Mei Chen was no normal woman and she knew was going on so she started to teach him a bit. “Another girl in your life?” Mei Chen said teasing while Jun Chen got red in his face before replying “No, never” but his voice revealed it all and Mei Chen knew he were lying but still she changed subject as he had already told her all she needed to know about his life. “So what are you looking for a the market?” Mei Chen asked and Jun Chen tried to figure out something but he was still confused from the crash and kiss.

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