Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 6

”I am looking for my sister” He managed to say without looking too stupid. “Can I help?” It flew out of Mei Chen mouth and Jun Chen just nodded and they started to search the market while continuing the talk. “So what are you doing for a living?” Mei Chen asked gentle while they walked past the shops. “I am a mason, or rather I help my master by picking up stones for him, when not looking for my sister like today” Jun Chen replied laughing. “What about yourself?” He continued and Mei Chen looked at him and replied “Nothing much, just in town visiting my brother” and a silence followed as she were not used to have a small talk. They finished searching the market and Jun Chen had no choice to start looking on each of the streets for Ling Chang. “Sorry, I guess I have to do this alone” Ling Chang said and Mei Chen looked confused at first before she smiled and replied “Sure, we can meet again another day when you have found your sister” They left each other and Mei Chen looked as Jun Chen started to search the street for Ling Chang. Suddenly an old man appeared and she watched them speak before she smiling started to walk the other way. “Have you found her?” Hui Wen asked Jun Chen who just shocked his head gentle as he was in no mood in answering. “have you gotten any ideas of where she could have gone, I have search at the road to the mason, his gardens and at the blacksmith even at Fen’s home if she for some reason had found it and nowhere to be found” Hui Wen said tried to sound calm but his voice jumped up and down. Jun Chen looked at him and replied “No, but I have searched the entire market for her”

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