Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 7

“We have to find her so I take the south of the town while you take the north but look out as it is near the palace and after what I have gotten messages, it sounds like Gang Chen is living there this moment so be careful” Jun Chen said and Jun Chen replied “I will” and then they split up once more. Jun Chen stood for a moment, thinking “Please be safe, Ling Chang” and a female voice was heard but Jun Chen was too focused on his thought that he only heard the voice and not what it said. “Nice to see you again, Jun Chen” Mei Chen said again as she did not get any response and this time Jun Chen reacted “Ohh, It is you… I thought for a moment it was my sister who called for me” making Mei Chen both happy and annoyed but she managed to keep her smiling. “Who was the old man, you left me fore? Your lover” Mei Chen teased Jun Chen to get him to focus on her instead of Ling Chang. “My father, and please stop being so annoying, my sister is very important to me and my family so just leave if you won’t help” Jun Chen replied a bit angry and started to walk north and keeping his eyes anywhere else that at Mei Chen. Mei Chen could feel the annoyance turning into rage but she stopped it as she knew she had found two out of three so if she helped with finding the last one she could return to her brother at the palace. “Sorry I just tried to cheer you up, so will do my best help you” Mei Chen managed to say while walking after him to make sure she was not left behind. Jun Chen did not react at first but finally agree that she were following him and said “She has long black hair and brown eyes, I do not know what clothes she are wearing as neither me or my father watched her leave but her hight is about yours, if you see anything like that please point her out as I am not sure how she will react to strangers” Mei Chen just nodded quickly and started to look serious while she looked at the group of people walk past them.   

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