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Sorry for hitting the writing block but today I am back again with a new part but found out that I had writing block because I did not feel at home in Chapter 8 so have decide to rewrite it so will add ‘new’ to parts until it is no longer the same part number as the old chapter 8. That also mean my new expected finished is 6. November with plenty of time to fix mistakes and so on before Christmas.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1 – New

Ling Chang opened her eyes with a set and before she had been awake long enough to think a single thought, she were already at her door with the sword pulled and ready to strike because of the yelling and noise coming outside. She slowly opened the door and as she finally managed to peak out, she noticed that it was just Jun Chen and Hui Wen who was yelling at each other near their rooms and the yelling was so high it was just noise in Ling Chang’s ears so she went back to her bed and place the sword before getting dressed while watching the sun raising. “I wonder what they are yelling about this early in the morning” She asked her parents when it were time to pray before it hit her, she had been naked in plain sight of Jun Chen so whatever they were yelling about at this hour it sure was important. She returning to her own silence which made the world feel like two and it scared her a bit that they were able to be so angry. As she decide to walk outside her room to get some breakfast the yelling had moved to her door and she had suddenly arrived in the middle of the fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment