Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 2 – New

Ling Chang started to eat her breakfast while her mind started to get full of ideas of what the reason behind their argument and slowly she got more and more worried that she had done something. Suddenly she thought of her training that she and Jun Chen had been doing every night, maybe that was the reason for their yelling. The thought left her hand hanging for a moment and stopped her from eating more. Instead runs over to them again. “Please stop fighting” Ling Chang says with a calm voice while trying to get Jun Chen to focus on her instead of Hui Wen but he is lost in anger. “Please, Please, Please stop” Ling Chang tries again this time at Hui Wen but even he is tried to control his anger, he is still too far in it for her to get him back. Ling Chang is about to give up and with tears in her eyes she suddenly notice a white pidgin standing on a piece of paper not far from the fight, not caring much about it. Ling Chang dries her eyes and walk slowly against the pidgin so it won’t fly away but the pidgin does not care about her either so when she finally reach the bird it is still seating calmly. She takes the pidgin up and starts petting it to reach the paper underneath and it goes smoothly. Ling Chang looks at the paper and reads it “Emperor, travel, execution, Funanai” it says. At first Ling Chang does not understand the meaning of the words but as she close her eyes the words comes alive and starts traveling her somewhere, leaving the fighting behind and blocks all sounds of Jun Chen and Hui Wen yelling.

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