Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 3 – New

The whole world trueing dark and she wanted to scream but before she got the chance the light returned and she were back at the palace at the destroyed where she could see that emperor Jiang Chen was alive and that he was getting sent away by some younger man but before she could help she were transported to a horse and it was surrounded by soldiers and she screamed loudly as they all suddenly turned around and watched directly against her and she closed her eyes fearing what would happen next and soon she felt the wind and as she opened her eyes the moon was up and many stars danced in front of her and she was able to see the town Funanai below her as she noticed the mason’s garden and the market and before she was able to enjoy it, all went dark again and soon she heard the yelling return like they had never been gone in the first place. She knew why they were arguing now, the emperor was still alive and they have left him all alone in the palace.

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