Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 3 – New

The knowledge made tears run down her check as she fell her body feeling up with mixed feelings as she were happy that they was not arguing about her but about Jun Chen’s father, the emperor· She tries to hold it in but the feelings of joy and sorrow make her scream loudly scaring the bird, making it fly away into the grey which slowly turns darker and darker. As her voice dies out, she turns around and her feelings becomes to rage and disappointment  when she notices that neither Jun Chen or Hui Wen have stopped their argument because of her screaming and she raise herself before turning her back against them and starts walking away from them and the house. At first she reach the place of her first night training and she tries to calm and focus herself on some training but the yelling is still inside her hearing range so she gives up and decide to walk further away and soon she is gone.

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