Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 4 – New

Hui Wen was confused at first before he too was hit by a bad feeling about Ling Chang and focused on his actions and returned to a more normal voice as he started knocking on Ling Chang’s door. “Are you up, Ling Chang?” He tried to sound gentle but the yelled had made his voice hoarse and dry. No answer or sound was heard form inside her room, making Jun Chen push away Hui Wen and they were almost back at fighting again, but they managed to stay calm as Ling Chang was more important. “Ling Chang, we are done yelling so please open the door” Jun Chen said as clam and kind he could but no reaction came. Jun Chen lowered his voice so only Hui Wen was able to hear it. “Do you think we need to enter?” He said almost whispering and Hui Wen thought for a moment before nodding before he slowly took a grip in the handle and started to push it down. “We are entering now” Jun Chen said as the door slowly opened and they closed their eyes in case Ling Chang was naked. As the door was fully open and they still had not heard a sound from Ling Chang, they decided to opening their eyes and watched to their horror that the room was empty except for the sculpture, her sword and some of her cloches. They looked at each other in despair before they quickly ran out of the room only were Hui Wen noticed that the white pidgin was gone. “She have read the note, we have to stop her before she does something stupid” Hui Wen said fast while trying to sound calm.“We have to find her, who knows what people she will meet on her way there” Jun Chen said with shaken voice. “Our discussion can wait” Jun Chen continued after looking around for more clues about what had happen to Ling Chang, but Hui Wen stopped him. ”Forgive me for yelling before but you are both very important too me and our discussion is over if Ling Chang has already left as we need to travel right away but I fear she thinks he is at the palace while he is on his way going here instead” Hui Wen said with a defeated but firm voice. “I know, let us stop wasting time and find her before it is too late” Jun Chen replied smiling and a bit more happy even that the unknown about Ling Chang was taking its toll. Hui Wen nodded quickly and was about to leave the place when he turned around against Jun Chen who was walking the opposite way “Do you have any idea of where she could have gone if not directly for the place as something tells me she is here” Hui Wen said a bit bossy but Jun Chen though for a moment before shacking his head “No, I do not have a clue but I will search the market and at the mason while you can search her teacher and the blacksmith if you are certain she is still here” His voice was certain and Hui Wen nodded before replying “Good Idea, we meet back her if we have not found her before dinner time tonight as sort to say but my feeling is getting cold” Jun Chen just replied quickly “Let us start searching now then” and soon they were out of each other sight on their hunt for Ling Chang.

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