Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 5 – New

A cold feeling started to rush down his back “What if she had gotten into her rage mood and is killing innocent people this moment” this time he manage to keep his thoughts in his head but the cold feeling did not disappear, instead it got worse as his mind continued to think. “What about our love then, would father allow me to marry a mad woman or is he expecting me to marry some stranger to bring peace to our country… Stop now” His mind was making him shake and he noticed people near him started to look at him but he could not stay calm. Suddenly his minds voice turned from his own to Hui Wen’s voice “Take a deep breath, relax and keep a low profile” at first Jun Chen was so surprised by the change that he looked around for Hui Wen before he finally figured that it was inside himself. The voice repeated itself calmly “Take a deep breath, relax and keep a low profile” and Jun Chen did as told and pretended for a moment that Hui Wen was standing in front of him like doing training but the mind turned sour just as quickly as he knew that Hui Wen would never allow his love with Ling Chang as he were a crown prince and she were not royal. Hui Wen’s voice appeared again and at first Jun Chen could not understand what it was saying as he was trying to keep it out because he worried that it were another argument but it was too strong and it was just repeating again “Take a deep breath, relax and keep a low profile” and this time Jun Chen felt the calm reach his body and he closed his eyes for a moment to bring peace to himself. His belly rumbled again as he walked past a stand selling seafood. “Can I, please have some octopus?” Jun Chen with a calm voice to keep out the annoyance in his mind. “Certainly, you man” The owner said and packed some for Jun Chen who quickly paid and continued searching for Ling Chang. The food helped him stay calm and focus on finding Ling Chang instead of arguing about the letters in his head. He continued his search but there were no sight of Ling Chang and he wanted to yell her name but he remembered that Hui Wen told him to keep a low profile. He continued to search between the shops and were not focused on where he went only that Ling Chang was not there.

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