Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 6 – New

“I could kill you this instant as I can see my brother has already taken some of my fun” Gang Chen yells while throwing the knife on the ground, just in front of Jiang Chen’s feet, and pulls his sword when a soldier stops him from striking. “Maybe we should execute him in front of the town’s people tomorrow, to show them who is their new ruler” the soldier says calmly but Gang Chen is so full of rage that he just cuts down the soldier without answering before yelling to the others. “No one, tells me what to do, no matter if it is a good idea or not” The remaining soldiers takes a step back in fear leaving Jiang Chen alone and before Gang Chen has a chance to wonder what is happening has Jiang Chen already been on the ground, pick up the small knife and is now holding it against the neck of Gang Chen. “Let me go” Jiang Chen says with a firm voice but Gang Chen just laughs and asks “You really want to died now?” And before Jiang Chen has a chance to answer he is knocked down.”Put him in the dungeon and prepare the palace grounds for an execution tomorrow, morning” Gang Chen yells and enters his bedroom. 

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