Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 7 – New

“We will find her, before it is too late” Hui Wen said trying to cheer up Jun Chen who still looked in the ground but his voice was hard in his replied “Before? The palace is at least a day away form here so and they don’t know she is coming so she will be safe until she tries to break inside the place” Jun Chen said. “Yes, stay calm” Hui Wen answered short as he did not want another fight especially not in public. “Have you gotten any new ideas about were she could have gone?” He continued and the question made Jun Chen raise his head and look directly into Hui Wen’s eyes, there were fear in them. “No, and I don’t want to fight either” Jun Chen replied more gentle than before and turned around like he wanted to continue the search. “Sorry, I wished I could turn back the time and tell you all about the letters I have gotten since we got here, but I did not expect your father to be moved so soon beside I am sure that he would have wanted you save more than his own life so please forgive me” Hui Wen said with sadness in his voice and Jun Chen turned back around with tears in his eyes and a voice that did not know if it should be angry or sad “I wish I was back at the palace and the world was at peace but let find Ling Chang then think of my father as I am sure you are right about him” Jun Chen wanted to say more but his head was full of his love for Ling Chang that he felt he could not tell Hui Wen about. “I am sorry for all of this, if only I had found your father’s brother long ago all of this would never had happened.” Hui Wen said and a silence between the two mean started and only their breaths was heard. Jun Chen opened his mouth to say something but closed it again before he opened it again and broke the silence “I forgive you and sorry if I am sounding harsh I am just worried about what will happen next” and Hui Wen eyes smiled and replied “You are just as wise as your old man, we will return the world to what it once were, I swear it” and the words was the last before they turned their backs on each other and started to search for Ling Chang once more. “Remember to return tonight, no matter what” Hui Wen yelled as they have walked a few steps away form each other, making Jun Chen clean his eyes and refocus himself while yelling back “Yes” 

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