Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 8

“What happened” He said low while he itched his head trying to return to normal again when his eyes caught the eyes of a woman, her hair was similar to Ling Chang and his voice almost broke as he tried to say her name “Ling Chang?”, the woman responded but their crash had kept Jun Chen inside his bubble, making no sounds enter and he tried to make the woman repeat over and over again before suddenly the sun returned and as he closed his eyes from the sudden light, her voice finally appeared. “Can you heard me?” The voice said and it sounded sweet as honey, leaving Jun Chen no chance of replying by voice so he just nodded rapidly, making the woman laugh loud and her black hair danced in the sun. Jun Chen quickly stood up from the ground and handed out a hand while he managed to control his voice “Sorry, my mistake for being so focused on getting some juice” The woman grabbed his hand and tried to pull herself up, leaving Jun Chen to pull her up too but his pulling was too much extra power and soon they were both back on the ground laughing once more. “Sorry once more” Jun Chen managed to say before getting both of them back on their legs. “It is fine, been a while since last time I had this much fun, but before we call it a day I need to what stranger I have run into so I can find him again another time” The woman said and smiled making Jun Chen forgetting all about Ling Chang or being district for a moment. “My name is Jun Chen, and what is your name, which can only be as beautiful as yourself” Jun Chen noticed the surprise in her eyes but forgot all about it when the woman’s voice appeared once more. “I am no one important but my friends and family calls me Mei Chen” Making them both laugh before reply together “Funny to meet a person with the same last name” before continuing laughing. They stopped laughing and just watched each other when Mei Chen suddenly quickly before pointing at the sky. “Did you see the beautiful bird?” Mei Chen said, giving Jun Chen no chance to think about their names and instead he tried to catch a sight of the bird. “Where?” Jun Chen said and did his best to follow the finger of Mei Chen with his eyes. “There” Mei Chen said and pointed at directly at a white pidgin, looking like gold in the sun and Jun Chen finally caught the same sight and tried to sound like it were amazing “Yes, what a beautiful bird” He said before turning his face back against Mei Chen again. Mei Chen felt him watching her body and turned her head against his head too and for a moment the whole world was silence again. Without any warning she took a big chance kissed him, and at first he returned her kiss like he were some brainwashed slaved but just as Mei Chen started to enjoy it, reality came calling for Jun Chen who pushed her away. “Sorry” His voice was full of shame as continued he to pulled his lips and face away from Mei Chen trying to hide his thoughts and feelings for Ling Chang but Mei Chen was no normal woman and she knew was going on so she started to teach him a bit. “Another girl in your life?” Mei Chen started teasing Jun Chen which made him red in his face before replying “No, never” but his voice revealed it all, leaving him opened for more. Mei Chen knew he were lying, but still she  decided to changed subject as he had already told her all she needed to know about his life. “So brings you to the part of town?” Mei Chen asked with a bit teasing voice but Jun Chen replied quickly ”I am looking for my sister” to keep himself from looking like a foul. “Can I help?” It flew out of Mei Chen mouth and Jun Chen just nodded as he was already trying to figure out where to search. They started to walk doing the road as Jun Chen had forgotten all about his thirst and soon they continuing their talk. “So what are you doing for a living?” Mei Chen asked gentle while they walked past the shops. “I am a mason, or rather I help my master by picking up stones for him, when not looking for my sister like today” Jun Chen replied laughing trying to hide the lies. “What about yourself?” He continued and Mei Chen looked at him and replied “Nothing much, just in town visiting my brother” and a silence followed as she were not used to have a small talk. “Sorry, I guess I have to do this alone” Ling Chang said suddenly and Mei Chen looked confused at first before she smiled and replied “Sure, we can meet again another day when you have found your sister” Mei Chen watched as Jun Chen left her and continued his search while dark clouds started to appear one by one on the sky. Suddenly she noticed Jun Chen was talking to some old man and even she was not able to hear the conversation, she  just stood for a moment and looked at them when her face turned into a small sun and with quick steps she got in front of Jun Chen before she yelled with the most sweet voice “Jun Chen, Jun Chen?” And just as she expected was Jun Chen standing right in front of her as her mouth closed. “Ohh, It is you… I thought for a moment it was my sister who called for me” making Mei Chen both happy and annoyed but she managed to keep her smiling as he started to walk away from her and back to his searching, making her follow him “Who was the old man, you left me fore? Your lover” Mei Chen teased Jun Chen to get him to focus on her instead of Ling Chang, but instead he suddenly turned against her and almost yelled “My father, and please stop being so annoying, I love my sister and she is very important to us so just leave me alone if you don’t have any other mission than to tease me” Mei Chen could feel the annoyance inside her turning into rage but  managed stopped before it appeared on the outside. “Sorry I just tried to cheer you up, so will do my best help you” Mei Chen managed to say while walking after him to make sure she was not left behind. Jun Chen did not react at first but finally agree that she were following him and said “She has long black hair and brown eyes, I do not know what clothes she are wearing as she left home without telling me why or where she went but her hight is about yours, if you see anything like that please point her out as I am not sure how she will react to strangers” Mei Chen just nodded quickly and her eyes turned away from him and on to the woman nearby. They started walked down one street and up another while talking about everything that crossed their minds, but there were no sight of Ling Chang, making the sun slowly move across the sky and before they knew it were suddenly dinner time. “Sorry for wasting your time” Jun Chen started as he knew it was time to spilt up and go home to Hui Wen’s place. “It does not matter, my brother did not expect me before tonight anyway” Mei Chen replies which makes Jun Chen a bit more at easy “I have to return home to my father as we have agreed to meet up back home at this time, no matter if we had found my sister or not… Hopefully he had more luck with the search than we did” he replied and Mei Chen wanted to join him on the way home but she knew that it was a bad idea so instead she just nodded and replied “Yes, I better go visit my brother too or another woman will be missing tomorrow” and before he had a chance to escape she kissed him but unlike the first one, he did not pull away just as fast and they stood for a while as the sun slowly disappeared behind the low clouds in the horizon. Jun Chen suddenly got back to himself and pulled away as he once more replied “Sorry, I am not used at kissing” leaving Mei Chen close to laughing but instead she just smiled replied “Good bye, maybe we see each other at a better time” and Jun Chen looked at her a last time before turning around replying “Good bye” leaving Mei Chen all alone on the street.

She turned around and started to walk down the street while she thought of what she had learned today when suddenly three soldiers appeared in front of her and blocked the road. “Let me pass” She said gentle while she continued her walking like they was not there but the soldiers did not move and as she stood in front of the first her voice turned sour and firm “I am not sure, you know who you are stopping” before she tries to push to soldier away when she hears a laughing she knows. She turns around and watched her brother Gang Chen standing not far from her with some other guy. “We know who you are sister” Gang Chen replies with his dry voice after stopping laughing but Mei Chen is having none of it. “Brother, let me pass” which make Gang Chen and the guy laugh once more. “Sure, as long as you can explain what you are doing?” Gang Chen replies cold and takes forward a bag of coins. Mei Chen is about to say something but feels the hands of the soldiers on her back and Gang Chen continues “Ohh, sorry sister… I forgot my manners… This is Heng, he lost his brother to the old man, you watch Jun Chen talking too” “What does that has to do with me” Mei Chen breaks in just as the soldiers controls her escape. “Relax dear sister. I am getting to that… Heng here watched you kiss Jun Chen even when everybody here knows he is the crown prince and the true heir to this kingdom so you have been so to speak sleeping with the enemy” Gang Chen replies still ice-cold and puts the bag of coins inside Heng’s hands which turns Mei Chen’s eyes from rage to fear as she knows where this is going but still she tries to sound brave “You believe this rat, more than giving your own sister a chance to explain herself.” Making Gang Chen laugh once more. “First of all, his name is Heng and yes I do as according to him, you kissed the enemy two times… the first time, he only watched on his own but the second time, I watched with my own eyes beside you did not came to the palace together with our prisoner so why should I believe you” Mei Chen wanted to answer but before she could get the chance, a soldier force a bandage around her mouth blocking her mouth, giving her not a single chance of defending herself. “I am sure, our brother will be happy to know that I, Gang Chen, has caught a spy and found the last enemies against our kingdom” Gang Chen says with joy and starts walking away form the screen. “Place her in the dungeon, next to Jiang Chen so we can execute both tomorrow” Mei Chen tries to resist the soldiers both they are too strong and one of them knocks her out.

Back at Hui Wen’s home has Jun Chen arrived and his face is full of hope of Ling Chang being there when he sees that Hui Wen is there, making dinner. Hui Wen turns his face against Jun Chen and without a word, the hope disappears and replace with sadness. They watch each other in silence as Jun Chen comes closer than seats next to Hui Wen who breaks the silence. “I am sorry, I have more bad news… Ling Chang has taken one of the horses as only one is left” he says with sadness in his voice. Jun Chen stands up quickly and tries to run to the stables but his legs stops responding to his mind after a few steps and he turns around before returning to the fire in silence. “It is too late to go after her now, please eat and we will travel first thing in the morning” Hui Wen says calmly and place some food in a bowl before handing it to Jun Chen whose mouth opens but a rumble stops him from speaking leaving him no choice to take a bite. He chews the food before trying again and this time he is almost yelling. “We have to travel tonight as she would have done the same for us” Hui Wen just watch him with silence and calm which makes Jun Chen even more annoyed and he starts yelling a lot of random words, making no sense at all. The yelling makes Hui Wen stop focusing on the dinner and instead hold against Jun Chen’s back. “I know, please relax and eat… If we leave today we might loss your father while if we wait to tomorrow and travel in daylight there is a chance to save them both but who am I to decide who shall live or die” He says gentle and calm, making Jun Chen return to his seat, relaxed and starts earning once more. The time goes and they finish eating in silence before Jun Chen’s breaks it “What is your plan?” He ask Hui Wen who smiles and replies “Glad to have you back… do you want the long version or the short version?” Jun Chen thinks for a moment before replying “Tell me what I need to know” and Hui Wen starts “The short version is that I sneak inside the palace of Funanai to get your father out while you travel on horse to reach Ling Chang and bring her to safety” Jun Chen’s eyes gets big before replying “No… I cannot leave you on your own… I join you saving my father and afterwards we find Ling Chang before it is too late as I know that she is not mad” Hui Wen nods and replies “If we both are going to try saving your father tomorrow, you better get some sleep” and before Jun Chen can reply anything against it has Hui Wen killed the fire leaving them all in darkness. “Good Night” they say on the same time before walking inside their own rooms. Jun Chen closes his eyes trying to sleep as he was told but Hui Wen’s quick snoring keeps his eyes open and mind awake. “I miss you, Ling Chang” He whispers in the dark and suddenly the room get full of colours, making him rub his eyes trying to make it dark again when suddenly he seat up with a set and whispers to himself “I know, where she is” and before he knows it, he is dressed and on his way out of the house. He stops for a moment to listen at Hui Wen’s door but only snoring sounds is coming form there and he runs down the path in silence. The town is also silence but he does not care as he is not going inside it but instead the silence is soon replaced by the sound of water, and lots of it running down a waterfall. “Ling Chang?” Jun Chen says with a gentle voice trying to figure out if she is there or not but no reply. He looks around to make sure, he is all alone before he yells “Ling Chang?” Which does not give a reply but it wakes up some fireflies which starts flying around him and he decides to search inside the gave that he and Ling Chang has found even he has no idea of how to get inside the darkness. Suddenly his eyes catch that the path is being light up by the fireflies and he starts following it slowly and safely until he is behind the waterfall. “Are you in here, Ling Chang?” Jun Chen yells in the darkness and a new group of fireflies appears and starts buzzing above something. Jun Chen walks closer and starts smily when he notices that it is Ling Chang who is fast as sleep on the rock. “Wake up my sun beam” He starts gentle before he yawns loudly. Ling Chang sleeps on like nothing has happen and he tries a bit harder but still no reaction from her. Jun Chen starts feeling the fear grow inside him and in spilt second he forgets that he is inside a cave and crushes his head into some rock before by pure luck lands on the stone together with Ling Chang fast asleep.

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