Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 1

She tries to get up and it goes fine, without much pain and she starts walking around aimlessly as the whole world is white from snow. Her teeth chatter more and more “Keep quiet” she thinks to herself while trying to keep her mouth closed and stop the chattering. Suddenly a warmth light appears in the horizon and Ling Chang is not sure if it is fireplace or what the source is but she decide to walk against it. “Please be a fireplace” she starts praying inside her head while she gets closer and closer to it. Suddenly the snow below her give in and she falls deep inside the snow, making all dark for a moment but her fight will is not dead yet and she keeps her awaking, making her fight herself back to the surface and the continue sight of the warm light, makes her marsh on without much thought about injuries. The light get brighter and brighter for every steps she takes and suddenly the snow is more or less disappeared and green grass appears on the ground instead. “What is this place?” She thinks to herself as she notice that her teeth is not chattering as much as before as the wind is heating up. She reach the source of the light and it is a fireplace like she wanted it to be. The warmth is pleasing her but her mind is still confused about where she is or how the place can give so much light. She looks around and notice that the snow is still falling in the edge of the place but she is too tried to argue about why and as her eyes gets heavy, she closes them with a smile on her face and a thought “I made it” 

Ling Chang opens her eyes with a set and is very confused in her head. “Did I fall asleep?” She asks herself while trying to force herself to yarn but nothing happens and instead she hears birds singing and watch them flying around in the edge of the place. She follows them with her eyes when they suddenly flies past a dark shadow, which makes her heart beat faster but before she can figure out how to react, the shadow becomes humanlike and starts walking against her. The shadow becomes more and more human until an old man appears in front of her, handing out an hand, making Ling Chang unsure to take it or to scream but without any words a smile appears on the old man’s lips.

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