Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 2

The voices stops screaming and instead Ling Chang is the only one screaming because of the cold. She opens her eyes and the green grass is gone, replace by the snow and her teeth has started to chatter again. ”WHY AM I HERE?” Ling Chang yells while trying to figure out what just have happened. Her voice starts repeating between the mountains but no answer returns. She looks around and her heart starts racing when she suddenly see two dark shadows walking closer to her. “Stay away from me” She yells while trying to get away but the snow turns into slippy ice making it impossible for her to escape. As the shadows comes closer, she finally manages to get standing but as she starts to move the ice becomes snow again and the change makes Ling Chang falls to the ground once more, slowly turning the snow red. “WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME?” Ling Chang manage to yell while the pain is pumping around in her body together with the adrenaline. She tries to yell again but a hidden force prevents her form open her mouth and a sweet voice whispers inside her ear. “Be quiet and stay calm” and before Ling Chang can try to reply the voice she falls asleep, giving in to the snow and cold. 

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